14 thoughts on “Latte Love”

    1. Hey Grendel: Hope the recuperation is coming along ok, and that you’re not off the coffee for too long. Who knows what terrible things could happen to you with an extreme lack of caffeine running through your system.

      Trevor: If only I got paid per word for all these photos :)

  1. That first photo is fantastic. It’s incredibly evocative of all the sounds and smells that go along with that first cup of coffee….or the fifth. Who’s counting anyway?

  2. Those pics make me want to reach through the screen and grab that coffee.

    Have you taken any pics of thae Cona in action? Nice process to watch.

  3. Hey Kam, No I haven’t taken any shots of the Cona in action yet. I’ve been using it a bit though. Tend to agree with you that it can get a bit hot, but I did some dodgy measuring the other day and it was brewing at around the low 90’s… so it should in theory be ok. Think some lighter roasted single origins are definitely needed to get the most out of it… But i’ll post some shots up soon.

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