Masterchef Confessions

I’m watching with great interest the number of people visiting my site lately after Master Chef Australia information. There’s been searches for masterchef auditions, what to cook for masterchef auditions, masterchef judges, masterchef and spam, spam masterchef and spam, spam spam spam masterchef and… oh wait, this isn’t monty python.

Apparently a lot of people want to know about Masterchef, and I am definitely one of them. So i’ve taken it upon myself to collate a little information from all the various visitors to my site in regards to the audition process, their impression of the fairness or otherwise of how the selections are happening, and any other little tid bits of information I can gather.

The score so far:

Out of the 7000 (or so) people who applied to be on the show, roughly 100 were selected from each state.
From the 100 or so who turned up to the Masterchef auditions, about 20 or so got through to the second day of competing. From those 20 or so people who made it to day 2 in each state, a final 50 were selected overall to go to Sydney for the semi finals.

Those semi finals will be filmed and are due to start on Monday next week the 9th of Feb.

Some stories coming out of the auditions are that a lot of people got through based solely on their stories, and who had little cooking ability. In my personal experience, I’d have to say this isn’t true. The people I met at the Perth auditions were all great people, who had as much love of food and cooking ability as I do, and I would have been very happy for any of them to go through.

I’ve also been talking to other people who did make it through, and can confirm that they are not all of the model stereotype, and did not resort to tricks or sob stories to make themselves seem more interesting in order to get onto the show. The people I’ve spoken to have also displayed an amazing level of knowledge of food and flavours, and I will be more than happy if they make it onto the show eventually.

The word from the audition floor is that seasoning and cooking things properly were big downfalls for a lot of people. Risotto was a hard sell, as were under seasoned dishes. Word on the judges is that George was very tough, Gary a bit dull, and Matt quite friendly. But then aren’t all Matt’s :)

Of course, there’s no denying that reality TV brings out the worst in a lot of people. The grand standing, the gregarious personalities, the over the top fakeness and willingness to do or say pretty much anything to get yourself recognised is all to tempting for some. I’ve heard plenty of interesting stories in the comments of the last post for that.

My two cents is that yes, this is reality TV, it’s going to happen. With Big Brother not airing this year, there will be a lot of disappointed teenagers and voyeuristic housewives looking for their reality fix. Masterchef needs to be the thing that fills that void. The producers are thus compelled to find personalities that fit whatever mould they think is needed to make the show entertaining. How interesting would it be if there were a bunch of food geeks sitting around a room discussing how to best sous vide a fillet of salmon ? (Ok, actually that would be quite interesting…but that probably just means I’m a food geek).

I’m still going to be watching the show of course. I’ve been through enough of the process now to be very interested in how it all turns out. And if a certain mystery person wants to send me a secret wink when they do get on the show, they may just make my day.

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  1. Yeh I find that a little concerning too. Especially when I put myself in that position and realise the nation would get fairly sick of seeing and hearing from me after about a week, let alone 6 nights a week for 4 months.

    It’ll be interesting to see how they sustain the interest for that long, as the UK version seemed much less focused on the reality side of things.

  2. After checking out the slap dash meals served as dinner party food at a blog of a would-be Australia’s first Masterchef, I must say that I have wasted my time, effort and money on the audition. If I have known about the “House” format, I would not have participated. For a semi-professional home cook, it is insulting to be pitched against a lesser accomplished cook, than yours truly, who writes this comment. Call me snobbish or sour grapes if you must!

    1. Dearest Sour Grapes… I have no clue what that comment means.

      Are you saying my dinner party food is crap ? Or someone else’s ? And please define “semi-professional home cook”.
      Sounds like a nice way of saying you have 12 kids and spend all your time in the kitchen. Whilst i’m sure you are
      no doubt talented and brilliant in your own right, it’s impossible to judge unless you’d care to show us what you can do.
      So leaving random anonymous comments does indeed make you seem like you have sour grapes.

      Not that there’s anything wrong with that of course.

  3. I would also like to know what is a “semi professional home cook”. Come on people, you can’t be that naive to think that because you cook well, there is some inherent right that you have to be accepted onto a REALITY TV program that is all about ratings. If you are so passionate about cooking, just do it. Not making the cut is not the all and end all – surely!!!!

  4. Usually a dark room with some soft music playing in the background.

    Ooooh, wait a sec… Master*chef* confessions. My mistake.

    Moving right along.

    Well said Matt. While I’m yet to be convinced that it won’t be anything other than a plethora of sob stories interspersed with the occasional person who can actually cook, the fact remains that you were actually there and therefore more qualified to offer an opinion.

    Regardless of the outcome, you can bet I’ll still be watching. The first week at least.

  5. Ahhh I love that the knives are already out and the show hasn’t even started! I’m intrigued as to how the show’s format and intent will unfold. And as anyone who’s ever watch reality tv will attest, it’s always about ‘the journey’ and getting the disenfranchised public to believe in you.

    Congrats on making it to the audition process too :) If it’s any consolation, missing out on very public infamy is not necessarily a bad thing!

  6. well i have just got home from the “top 50”
    What a joke!!!! i feel like ive had 60hrs of my life stolen for 6 minutes of TV.the first challenge was the dice onions.
    after fine dicing about 25 onions in 15 minutes i was not one of the people to gain “auto entry” to the next round,though one young lady diced hqalf an onion and her finger and went through!!!!!
    then we went to a 12 person cook off and unfortunatly my pasta didnt cut it against things like a sausage casarole!!!
    George can go and f#$k himself however the rest were quite nice.
    I was proud to have made the 50 till i heard more than 3 people ask “how do you cut an onion” Then i realised i just fit the mould for there plans.

    There are also at least 3 who dont meet the critrea in regards to training and current employment.”I cook for 540 people once a fortnight” was one claim

  7. I got through to the second day in the Perth auditions. I found it to be unorganised and VERY bad time management. Day 1 I got there at 7:30am and got home at 8pm! I seemed to be answering the same questions over and over. I must say i really enjoyed meeting loads of like minded ppl and it was a totally new expreience taking me outside of the square. The secound day i got pretty good feedback from judges but my onoin chopping was BAD and my dish needed more salt. i was lucky that i was the 3rd person to see the judges (the girl with the bright yellow pink and blue outfit) i still didnt get home till 2pm (i live in mandurah) but i heard some ppl didnt even get to cook until midnight! Did any of u hear about the guy from perth (a lawyer i think) who got in and then turned it down?? From reading other posts its good to see some others are a little apprehensive to see how they might manipulate the fottage to make you look the fool to boost ratings!
    Hey Matt seems this masterchef had been good for your blog – i have just found it and like it a lot. U r kinda like perez hilton crossed with gordon ramsay minus the profanity! hehehe :)

    1. Brad: If there was a prize for most consistently inappropriate blog commenter, you’d get it :)

      Helen: Yeh it’s going to be interesting. This is probably my first “involvement” if you can call it that, with the world of reality TV, and I would imagine that would be the case for most of the applicants, who weren’t the kind of people you’d see trying to get onto Big Brother.

      I think not getting in was a blessing in disguise actually. I’m infamous enough without exposing all of my character flaws to the entire nation :)

      Can’t Chop Onions (!) : Great choice of anonymous name… I approve immensely. Shame you got the rough end of the stick with that one, though it sounds like perhaps you should have absorbed a little more onion gas and turned on the water works for bonus points. My spies are telling me that people are being eliminated each day with an increasing series of tasks like this to get through. Sounds like all predications are holding true for the time being though.

      Bimmy: So did you go over to Sydney as well ? Agree with you about meeting like minded people, everyone I met was great. Maybe us Perthians are just more likeable people than the rest of the sour grapes sufferers ? :) You may have just made my day with that Perez Hilton / Gordon Ramsey reference. If only my life was as trashy and exploitative…. I would totally swear more though if my mum didn’t read this blog. Hi Mum.

  8. Hi there, I recently dropped out of the top 40 and I agree with the comments made by ‘can’t chop onions’. It was all based on personalities and the girl who cooked the sausages on mash – what can I say – it was terrible. How did she get through? Well it is clear that the top 20 were already picked. It’s a Big Brother cooking show.. very disappointing. I expected more…

  9. Am at home now from a long and trialing experience after putting myself through the last round of MasterChef auditions to make the final ’20’…… After receiving three yes’s from the judges on Day 2, I was thrilled to have made it through to what I thought was going to be a final week of some mad and furious cooking….. but it so wasn’t….. Up every morning before the sun rose to be led into the studios and left standing for hours while the production team studied us behind the cameras waiting for someone to crack and start the tears or to excel in the personality department. I agree with you Matt that there needs to be something for the viewers to want to keep watching the show other than a bunch of food experts commenting on how they produced their dishes. But the judges have their integrity on the line and I can honestly say that anyone in the food industry will be appalled that this show can use the word “Chef” in their title of the show……
    After succeeding the first two challenges….. 1. Cutting onions and 2.Tasting ingrediants in the bolognaise sauce I was “saved” from the lifeline cooking challenges to stay in the competition. I now realise that I should have listed some bizarre ingrediants in the sauce and had the opportunity to show some tears and tantrums to have had some decent exposure for the cameras and then maybe thats how I would have got through…. After succeeding all three challenges in the week I waited yesterday to see how the decisions would be made for the final casting of the show….
    Everyone on this site has confirmed and I will now reconfirm ( and also not with sour grapes ) just disbelief that the personalities and stories were the winners…..
    I saw some amazing people leave yesterday all with great personalities and cooking skills but also with class who kept their private lives and tears away from the cameras during the week and wanted to show the skills for what the show was thought to be about.
    I feel embarrassed for the judges….. They must be getting some big dollars to be treated as puppets and lose all morals and integrity regarding food along the course of the show.
    I wish some great friends who I made along the way good luck, but please remember your self respect and focus on what you can hopefully achieve from the show re cooking skills and not what the producers try and make you do….
    If I had of made it through to the top “20” after seeing how the final process of elimination was made I would still be sitting here writing this blog as I would have totally not accepted the challenge of “MasterChef Australia” for what it has transformed to be.
    One gutted and tired great cook…..

  10. Check this yeah, Butane infused raw pork chop with braised apple served with a raw cabbage and apple garnish yeah, into the top 20…mmmm Foodies beware!

  11. Now I know why Matt spat that dish out…… Maybe I should have used the butane and created a fire on the set… that would have created some energy and a chance for a spot in the “house”…. lol….. or made pork tartare……

  12. Masterchef …Done
    That dish sounds delish, such creativity deserves a spot! (haha only joking)
    Not a BB Conternder
    I think the fire would have got their attention – good idea!

    I am getting so interested to see what the show will be like now and how it will do in the ratings. Does anyone know when it is going to be aired?

    Oh – Matt – no i didnt make it to Sydney – i have a new born baby (8 weeks) i didnt relise that i had to go away for 4 months until the friday, then i just went the next day to see how far i could get. I didnt really think i would make it anyways i just enjoyed the experience. Wow this has turned into the masterchef blog!

  13. The term ‘lock down’ should have done it for me… I knew there was a house we had to live in but with a lock down, whats the point apart from trying to evoke more of the sense of tired disillusionment that the Top 50 experienced last week.
    5.30 starts midnight finishes, no meal breaks for 9 hours.
    Fine for the 20 something kids that got in but not the smart, food passionate crowd that we all thought MasterChef was about.
    I’m kinda glad I didn’t get in, it would have made me select between the “chance of a life time” and my ethics.
    Oh and the prize… still not anounced to the top 20 but mentions of a publishing deal, a cash component and an intership.
    I think it will be good watching though to see some of the tosser tall poppies be cut down by having to cook real food well. Lets see any of these guys in a real kitchen. I doubt they can handle the heat.
    Best of luck to channel ten, perhaps they should have picked a production company that doesn’t treat people like cattle.
    Oh and the sh*t food on set, I can’t believe that they were not embaressed to serve it to us, and the judges!

  14. Oh and the girl with the sausages got through because the fisher boy and her ‘hooked’ up.
    Now that makes great tv, surf and turf in the MasterChef house. Shame they can’t cook.

  15. Pork Sashimi with a capronata of Tomato and cabbage presented in a dug out bread roll with a side of melted chocolate served on a raw cabbage leaf, through to top 20!!!! mmmm Foodies beware.

  16. Last night I got back in my kitchen and made a beautiful rack of lamb with a crust of mustard, lemon zest, italian parsley and fresh bread crumbs served with garlic mashed potatoes, green beans and a jus made with caramalised shallots, red wine and home made beef stock reduced to a sticky sweet glaze…
    It was my Valentines dinner to my partner who is now so relieved that I also didnt have to make the choice of “ethics” or “fame” to have the opportunity to excel in the kitchen.
    My guess with all the cutting and editing I witnessed throughout the last week no one will really know what the contestants will be doing in that house but I am guessing it won’t be a lot of cooking!!

  17. Everything said here is true. They have made commerical decision on casting. The only unmentioned thing is that some may be only few great cooks did made it in. If they decided to go in, they will do some awsome cooking for us to see.

    50% or more of the chops has red blood on the end of the bone! Only 3 got told they are raw!

    The whole 3 months lock down boom droped on us on Sunday did play a big part in everyones mind. At least half that did not made it through were happy that they didn’t.

    Whats done is done, I just hope this is a cooking reality show, not a Big Brother with a little bit of cooking.

  18. What a load of sour people who didnt get through.

    You people are perfect for reality TV, your vindictive, sour and bitter. Take a good hard look at your attitudes, thats why you didnt get through, the judges can see through bullshit a mile away and you lot are full of it.

    Have some integrity with yourselves and honour the confidentiallity agreements you all signed, get on with your lives and realise, that your a bunch of arrogant people, who are yet to realise that 3 judges were right in the decision to not let you through, ohh and you cant cook….

    Build a bridge and get over yourselves.

  19. I am sorry… but the judges are not there to “see bullshit”….. they are there to judge food. So maybe the judges are not the ones making the decisions, but the producers instead. Vindictive, sour and bitterness are not the feelings that are going on in my head right now…. its anger and frustration that this show was cast unders false pretenses and I was a fool for not seeing it until I got home and the brain washing had worn off.
    Come on….. there are maybe 10 out of the final 20 who can cook…. The other 10 will be great for reality tv and thats all they wanted….

  20. No one is in breach of there agreement (No one has been named etc etc) “Coffee” perhaps you should have read it a little closer but then again you are through so no wonder you want to protect the intefrity of the show!!

    If you believe the best went through and others who missed out were just not good enough cooks then so be it… But for me it reinforces the fact that at least 50% of the people who progressed were not worthy and now it seems not only do they have no idea about food, it now seems they are also delusional…!!!

    By the way what coffee did you love?

    I have no axe to grind I guess I was just deluded about the fact that the show was about food. What will now happen is that the top 37 challange will ne edited in such a way that it in no way reflected the actual process for eg having your food tasted 6 hours after it was cooked etc etc.

    Pork and tomato bruschetta mmmm

    Enjoy the coffee x

  21. Love the coffee your comments are way OTT and obviously u are just trying to get a rise out of everyone on here. U must be a dramatic person who likes to get attention. Perfect for reality TV?

  22. It sounds like the people that didn’t get through are both boring and uninteresting or simply can’t cook. Of course they are going to put personalities in the top 20, otherwise people won’t watch.

    So if you can cook maybe you should have a look at yourself and see if you can spice up your life a little bit. Good luck next year.

  23. Thank you Big Cupoda for understanding….. Once again, I wish everyone that made it through Good Luck…. no hard feelings towards any of you…. but as for the “professionals”, shame on you. Money talks and integrity has definitely walked.
    Run Rabbit Run…….

  24. Perhaps those people who think they are more interesting should not think they know everything. You don’t know what went on behind the scenes. Most of the top 20 was already picked before the week. How could it have then been about cooking! A fact I can honestly say..

    I found this article which I thought would be a good read to you all… I hope for those that go into the house.. and do put your life out there on TV for the world to see.. that there is something for you at the end.

    The knives are out
    Author: Shelly Horton
    Date: 15/02/2009
    Words: 1087
    Source: SHD

    Publication: Sun Herald
    Section: S
    Page: 4

    Ten’s new reality series presenter is ready to tackle the cooks and critics.

    THE latest reality television host has spoken for the first time about her new gig. Former restaurant reviewer and mag editor Sarah Wilson is all set to front Channel Ten’s six-night-a week-show MasterChef.

    “I’ve worked in the media long enough to realise I’m a risky choice but same old, same old just doesn’t cut it these days,” she tells S as we tour the MasterChef set.

    “No one wants a trumped-up weather girl any more. Critics must give comment. That’s their job. But I won’t take it personally. Just call me Teflon Girl!”

    The executive producer of MasterChef, Paul Franklin, says chefs, restaurateurs and well-known television presenters auditioned but Wilson blew them away. “Of all the people we auditioned, she was the standout,” Franklin says. “She looks amazing, has great chemistry with the judges [chefs Gary Mehigan and George Calombaris] and because she’s done food writing before, can make intelligent comments on what’s taking place.”

    More than 7500 everyday folk auditioned to be contestants on the show, where they take cooking challenges for three months until there is one cook left. There’s no prize money or restaurant deal – just the satisfaction of being named MasterChef.

    “It’s a positive concept geared at nurturing the best from people,” Wilson says. “The focus isn’t on snark. It’s not like other reality TV shows where extroverts are creating drama, this is everyday people, from single mums to lawyers to CEOs of companies who are obsessed with cooking. We even have an 18-year-old who spent his first weekly wage on three truffles. You can’t beat that passion.”

    MasterChef is scheduled to launch in four months.

  25. ‘The Big Cupoda’ is a perfect example of people being selected because of personalities, not cooking ability. He gives himself away by the stupid “Sfphericate” bullshit that he spoke all week. He got in because he got on everyones nerves…
    Oh and I couldn’t be bothered to tell you during the week, but the spelling is actually ‘Sferificación’ straight from the el Bulli website…
    Go on keep looking the fool, it will make great tv!

  26. Dear fellow Masterchef contenders….while I sit here and muse over all your entries I have only one thing to say. Let this experience be an experience. Don’t be bitter, don’t be sour or have regrets. What were you all ultimately trying to achieve by entering this competition? Let’s be frank here. If you look at history, look at your own life, the life of your family and friends, who can say that one has achieved success by not working hard, making mistakes and learning from it? Who can say that successful entities have made it big, have achieved their ultimate goals and aspirations by entering a competition and then having it all laid on a silver platter?
    Did you all really expect to enter a reality cooking TV show and end up owning/managing a restaurant at the end of it? Did you really expect that a publishing company would see you on TV and offer you a deal? Did you really expect that a TV network would see your camera capabilities and offer you a gig on a cooking program? If you did, I sympathise with your ignorance. You all need to wise up and understand that life is not a playground and success is only achieved through hard work, determination, drive and a clear delineation of where and what you want for the future.
    Observing the contenders, there were people from all walks of life. Each contender had a unique and compelling story. Each had their own strengths and weaknesses. Each had their individual dreams and goals. How the producers/judges ultimately decided on their Top 20 was based on not only the challenges, but how much the contender wanted to achieve their goals and yes, I do agree to some extent it was based on what would make good reality TV. However, I think we shouldn’t focus on the latter, but rather, take away from this experience that it was simply that…an experience and believe in yourselves that you still achieve your dreams and goals without the hype, publicity and gruelling days of filming!
    My advice is; if cooking was really your dream….then go and cook! Go apply to be an apprentice in a kitchen, compile your recipes and send out to publication companies, send out your profile to cooking TV shows….do whatever it is you want but do it on your own merit! Yes, admittedly Masterchef would help those who wanted a foot in the door or a leg up in a competitive industry, particularly when there were many who have already established careers. But, seriously, if you look at yourself and see what you have accomplished to date….I bet you cannot say that you have all that you have because of a TV reality cooking show! No, you accomplished all that you have because of hard work and determination.
    Success is defined by climbing a ladder and one must always start at the bottom. So, those that didn’t make it….start climbing and remember those that refuse to look ahead will remain behind. If you were to look at the three judges, they themselves are proof that starting at the bottom, hard work and determination bring success. Learn from this experience, build on it and use the knowledge that you have to now create the dreams you hoped this program would achieve….and do it well! Don’t wallow in self pity, don’t give up, don’t question your abilities…..instead go out into this world and be the best chef you can be, write cook books, be a food critic, work on food TV or radio and do it for yourselves with your head held high, work hard, push yourselves, never give up and you will ultimately find success!

  27. All,

    I take great interest in this blog, how actuall contestants are on here. To come across such a gold mine from a viewers point of view is fantastic. As I am not on the show, just love food and find this blog amazing.

    Look to the guys that did and didnt get through I can tell you right now, in the top 20 contract, there will be a clause that gives the executive producer absoloute rights to the show, most likely mentioned in the context of the rules and decisions not being challenged by the contestants and made at the producers absoloute and final discretion.

    Basically, the show will be rigged. I am not on the show, but you people have to realise, that people will be on there who have talent and are marketable, whilst some for pure entertainment value, as afterall, what are tv shows about? Making money and ratings.

    The sferication kid sounds a gem, if he actually performed the sferificiation, then that shows skill. He will be a perfect marketing tool, as you now all know the term. Adding if he is a ball breaker, they will pitch him along the lines of a miniture gordon ramsay, busting everyones balls and he will create conflict which is viewer entertainment.

    The fish guy will be on there for his little romance with sausage girl, and for a seafood edge and great entertainment, however, they will be marketable.

    From what I have picked up from this blog, people are on there because, they are marketable, and can be taught and moulded into a cooking professional.

    And dont knock people for the spelling used in the blog or on the show, there are a million and one mistakes in the blog and frankly no one is perfect.

    The Big Capouda team, sounds like a bunch of older fonzies trying to recapture there youth, not marketable as you are a team in a individual competition, if the Big Capouda, was iconised as an individual, he would be on there for sure.

    Not to mention, anyone on the show will be in breach of the confidentiallity agreement you signed, as you have divulged information regarding the shows circumstances and challanges, the fact you have all stayed anonymous is irrelevant and in your favour.

    Best of luck to those who didnt get through and to those who did, if you are serious about a dream, and want it bad enough you will get it.

  28. By the way, cant chop onions,

    Sferification, is the spanish term, Spherification is the english term used by UK chefs Simon Rogan, and Heston Blumenthal, get your facts right before tearing apart some poor kid.

  29. I agree that the show is about marketing and ratings. We’re not stupid.

    That’s all good and well, but they’ve bastardised the Masterchef brand. I have no problem with the show being what it is – just don’t call it Masterchef. It’s misleading and deceptive… it’s nothing like the UK version.

    I now know why they didn’t pick judges who are on tv with reputations – because they would never have agreed to make a mockery of the show, and it’s integrity. Shame on them. Doesn’t anyone have any ethics anymore?

  30. Well it just keeps on getting better. More info flooding in from my network of spies and plenty of juicy gossip before the show has even started. Expect another tell all (tell some anyway) post shortly.

    And LoveTheCoffee, there is never any excuse for bad spelling, that’s what spell checkers were invented for. So as long as It’s my blog you’re commenting on, make sure you’ve got a dictionary handy… :)

  31. And yes, Mystery Chef (if that’s your real name), save the life lessons speech for post Oprah cupcake binge sessions. I want scandal dammit.

  32. Very well put Mystery Chef!

    Good luck to all the Cupodas that are still in the game. I hope one of you win and say Cupoda on camera. Means nothing to anyone else but sure will bring a smile on my face.

    I know most of top 20 are reading this. Due to your new contract, is best none of you post. My sincere best wishes to all of you! May the best chef win.

    I do miss all the people I meet last week that I am proud to call “friends”.

  33. All you complainers can suck my ass. Yes, it is I, the youngest contestant in the Masterchef Australia competition. Now listen up coz i will tell you why people got in. They got in because there is pottential to be brought fourth within them…and they also have a story. They want a mixture of both elements. Look at me, i was at the prime age for an aprentiship but my story didnt fit the context.Plus i fucked up one of my dishes but who knows if thats why i diddnt make it. This program is for a life style change. To unleash the passion within someone. I have the rest of my life to become a chef…if i want to, so your forgetting that the contestants picked may have deeply wanted this lifestyle change and they have been selected because they deserved it most.

  34. This Coories wack!!! great point, spot on the money.

    After doing some thinking, this show wont be rigged as much as I have previously said. Let me explain why:

    Political backlash, the producer needs the longevity of the show, combined with personality to make the winner sucessful, they will not have a winner who can not cook. Plain and simple.

    Should they do that, they risk the judges walking out and with such high expectations of this show, they wont risk it. This show is replacing big brother and is expected to run for at least 5-8 years. Each series winner will be an amazing chef, and although the producer will have some input as to who is getting in as ultimately its there kneck on the line if the show is a flop, the top 50 could most likely all cook, amauter style and above grade, however if you can chop an onion mighty fast and accurate, you have f%^k all chance in a kitchen, a palate can be taught but only so far, so the basic understanding of ingrediants when combined with others is essential.

    The reality is people who got through are better than the people who didnt on skill and are overall more interesting people, and have the ability to work in a top tier restaurant straight after the show, open a restaurant that will suceed, head into TV cooking or the other number of avenues this show opens.

    End of the day, what is the cupoda thing? A cupola (note different spelling), is a small dome on top of a building, like the top of a bell tower, what are you a bunch of domes or something? Or just a bunch of geriatrics trying to do what the kids do today? Or a bunch of young guys who just have no clue? As a viewer, I dont find it interesting, infact its a little pathetic.

    There is also this notion that the UK version of MasterChef is this pure beacon to aspire to. Just a quick reminder, as Fremantle Media has an interesting in that show (they also make the Bill too). How do you not know that the selection process is similar to the format of UK MC? You are a viewer of that show, and would probably find that the selection process for the show would be similar to MasterChef Australia when behind the scenes.

  35. To This Coories Wack – you display a level of maturity, style, sophistication and good sportsmanship that a lot of other commentators (who I am sure are much older than you are in years) fail to display and should take a lesson in. Your comment shows you for who you are and says to me that you will succeed in your life not only because you have the potential of being a great chef but because you are able to see and accept things for what they are.

  36. In masterchef UK they dont live in lockdown in a big brother style house… would be one major difference!

  37. Are you all mad? Everyone is speculating on what the show is about and who was right for the show. Can we all just stick to the fact that the show was thought by some of us to be based on cooking. Sure, its now been proven that the Australian series will be based more on personality and probably sex and scandal! Ha!
    Remember though to all of us brainwashed fools that have allowed Freemantle Media and Channel Ten to use us for their latest experiment based on a great successful cooking show, there will be soooooo much cutting and editing that they will create 20 finalists to be what they want them to be, not, unfortunately who they really are. Grow thick skins finalists…. you will need it as you each leave the show and your eyes are back open. Any of you been studying cooking techniques over the weekend? I bet not….. Why bother…. you won’t need it….

  38. What a bunch sore fucking losers.
    Get back in the kitchen and start practicing, and maybe you’ll be good enough next year.

  39. And in the meantime, if you have the knife skills that is… carve a BIG L in your foreheads!

  40. Dear Spherication of the nation, is using such profanities really necessary?

    Frankly you epitomise what one would call ‘pedestrian.’ (Weber Dictionary definition: pedestrian – to be common, boring, uninteresting, banal, mediocre) Need I say more?

    1. Ok kids…

      Resorting to name calling and pettiness is not really the purpose of this blog. So keep it nice. Also patronising passive aggressive comments are not appreciated or particularly enjoyable to read.

      If you have any more details about the process or the show you’d like to share, then please do, but speculation on the nature of people who made it through, or who didn’t, is not really helpful or necessarily warranted.

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