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This page is here for anyone who might have come across the site and thought

“Well, that’s an inciteful and well written piece of text, plus those photos are ever so lovely and well composed, how might I keep up with the goings on of this intriguing fellow ?”

Ok, so perhaps that’s a stretch, but for those in the know who would like to keep up to date, here’s the deal.

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is your best way to keep up with current posts to the blog.

I publish an RSS feed for my posts, and one for comments. If you’re a regular reader, then you’ll want to subscribe to the main one, and if you’re a regular commenter (or committed lurker), you may want to subscribe to the comments feed, so you can see all the useful comments left by other thoughtful and intelligent Abstract Gourmet fans / stalkers / mothers.

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If you’re a little bit old school (and lets face it, who isn’t), and like getting interesting and thought provoking emails, then the final option is to subscribe via email. Putting your address into the form below and clicking submit will send you off to FeedBurner, who send nice emails out for me every time I update the site. You can even unsubscribe anytime you like (but every time you do baby Jesus sheds a tear).

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Any questions ? No ? Good. So sit back and enjoy the fruits of my labour delivered to your very doorstep on a semi regular (often irregular) basis !

6 thoughts on “Subscribe”

  1. Hi Matt,
    Just started following your site very refreshing point of views & great to see your negatives dont have the usual critics venom.
    Great piece & photos @ Pata Negra,
    Just a bit of goss had a drink at the Posh Convict Bar in Guildford
    aka Rose & Crown (my local)
    And whom was sitting dining Mr Masterchef himself Matt Preston cravate in toe, seemed to be enjoying himself lots of people getting autographs ect.

  2. Marcus: Thanks for the heads up and glad you liked my reviews so far… I get a bit of venom in my blood every now and then, but generally keep it off the airwaves unless it’s completely necessary.

    Simon: What an insightful chap you are picking that up. I’ve probably been spelling it incorrectly for years.

    I will cite more carefully in future :)

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