Latte Art – The next step

Well i’d been getting kind of bored with trying to do latte art of late. My skills didn’t seem to be improving despite all my better efforts to get all the factors right. The image below is an example of the best i was capable of.

Latte Ribbon Art

But things have all changed very rapidly. Sharon’s friend Serena was over and Sharon was showing her the website, and then some other shots of latte art… and then asked me to find the videos of people doing latte art. I hadn’t looked at them in a while and suddenly i realised what i’ve been doing wrong.

I’d been pouring from the middle to the edge and then trying to pour the rosetta back over the top… but what i saw them doing in the videos is pouring into the middle and then pouring back to the side whilst at the same time pushing the coffee outwards. So i gave it a try, and low and behold…it worked !

Serena's Latte

That was the first effort… followed very quickly by this one… Just to show it wasn’t a fluke.

Looking sweet for a chump like me

Very happy by this point as it’s all so easy once you’ve got the technique right… Now i know all i need to do is work on my milk texturing and it will all come together. I managed to back it up this morning with another effort. The milk was too thick, but i’m getting close to it looking like some of the nice shots i’ve seen on other sites.

Big Podgy Rosetta

Yay ! All i needed was a little inspiration and there you have it. Look forward to some more inspired latte art efforts in the near future.

7 thoughts on “Latte Art – The next step”

  1. It didn’t take you long to get the technique right! I’m looking forward to drinking more coffee with your work of art! :)

  2. Hi… just wanted to congratulate you on your Latte art. I’m still trying desperately! I wonder if you are frothing the milk on a pro or domestic machine?

  3. Hey cmcafe,

    I’m using a Rancilio Silvia to do all my milk steaming. It’s the only machine I’ve got. I’ve had the chance recently to play around on a 2 group La Cimbali, and also on a La Marzocco Linea… but the Silvia the only one I think i’ll own for a while yet.

    Keep up the effort on the latte art… I’ve still got a long way to go too !

  4. Is any lattee art competetition happening in Perth. Would be gr8 if I get some information about it.


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