The Prophet

No, im not referring to myself… (bom! bom!). The Prophet is a great little Lebanese restaurant in Victoria Park that i used to frequent when i lived in area.

The Prophet is a nice cosy restaurant near the Balmoral Hotel in Victoria Park, it’s run by a cool old guy called Jihad who makes his own garlic dipping sauce from a secret recipe. You get a bowl of it along with some flat bread and pickled beetroot (i think, it could be anything?) free with every meal… it’s a really tasty way to start… the garlic dip is strangely moreish and tastes best when you dip the pickled beetroot into it and then wrap this little package with the flat bread.

In terms of the menu itself, there’s a whole range of traditional Lebanese foods, and some more western oriented ones. For the die hards there is a Lamb Kibbeh (raw minced meat in a ball with wheat and spices), and for the light weights, theres the Shish Tawook (garlic chicken shish kebabs). Most meals are served with chips and a tangy salad (kind of similar to a Greek salad, but without feta and olives). There is also a few other lamb dishes, and a ‘hot’ fish dish, basically a whole fish with scarily hot chillli sauce over it.

There is no wine list as it’s completely byo, but if i recall correctly they dont charge for corkage. The meals aren’t what you’d call fine dining…they’re simply presented but quite filling (especially when you’ve eaten a stack of flat bread to start with), and are really cheap. Most meals range from $14 – $20. I think last time i went the bill for two of us came to $28, very low in my book, and for what you get, amazing value.

As always, check it out for yourself :)

The Prophet
907 Albany Highway
East Victoria Park, 6101
Tel: (08) 9361 1101


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  1. Sounds groovy, will have to check it out. Last time we went through Vic Park (2-3 months ago), there was a cafe in every second building it seems!

  2. Cheers Miles, Vic Park is definitely a happening place… must also drop into the Broken Hill Hotel sometime soon, which has recently done a Queens style funky makeover from what used to be a pretty scary bikie pub…

    Always something new :)

  3. Can’t recommend The Prophet highly enough. Went there for the first time in months the other night, and it was just as good as I remembered.

    The meals are very reasonably priced. They don’t take credit cards, but it’s not really a problem as there’s an ATM in the Balmoral a couple of doors down.

    Whilst I always would generally order the baked or fried kibbeh, recently the missus and I have been getting a mix of vegetarian dishes – stuffed vine leaves, loubiah beans, lentils and rice. They also have a kind of yoghurt omelette which I tried for the first time the other night, great stuff.

  4. Sorry Julie,

    I have no email for the prophet, and a quick search on the web only brings up my own website… Which is nice… but not particularly helpful.

    Try giving them a call on the number above.


  5. Love this place. I think you’ll find the “beetroot” is turnip pickled in beetroot juice. Really! They’re serving gherkins at the moment with the garlic dip. The vege dishes are superb – try the Loubiah Beans or the Fool Beans. And the felafel is to die for…………………………….. :-)

  6. Hey Linda,

    Looks like I need to update my reviews once in a while… I did find out that the pickled stuff was beetroot, although I still haven’t been given the recipe for the garlic paste, which is apparently a trade secret :) I do love the loubiah too, and last time tried the chicken livers…which were surprisingly good :)

  7. Hi there, i just found this site/review while browsing the internet, and yes, the Phrophet is an awesome restaurant. i actually work there a couple of times a week (it’s spelt Jihad btw)
    and no we still don’t charge corkage.
    thanks for the review!

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