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Those crazy cats at Tiger, Tiger are holding the next edition in their series of coffee and cigar tastings this weekend (Sunday the 9th September from 2pm).

It’s run by Tiger, Tiger and the cigars are brought along by Josh Devlin (of Devlins Cigars), with the idea being to match quality cigars with excellent single origin coffees.

I went along to one a little while ago and spent a great afternoon smoking a lovely Cuban cigar, the Bolivar Belicosos Finos (thanks for the info Josh !). It was paired with a fantastic Indian “Selection 9” single origin roasted by Fiori.

The tasting coming up this weekend however, will feature a single origin Cuban Altura roasted by none other than everyone’s favourite home roaster (and member of the Matt and Grendel mutual appreciation society) Grendel :)

Places are limited, and tickets are $30 each, which gets you a cigar and a whole whack of coffee… enough to have you jumped up in no time at all.

Check out the details on Tiger, Tigers (shiny new) website.

8 thoughts on “Coffee and Cigars”

  1. Now that is a way to spend an afternoon. On reading the post I started to get all excited about how I might be able to arrange one – only to be thwarted by the afterthought that smoking is now verboten here. Damn those health laws.

  2. Brad: You’ll find the Dominicans are not too shabby at all when it comes to rolling the odd cigar (or pancake for that matter)… So I’ll thank you to keep your cigarist opinions to yourself ;)

    Silverbrow: It’s banned mostly everywhere here too… In fact Western Australia has some of the strictest smoking laws in the world. Which is why we’ll be sitting in a nice little courtyard outside of the cafe, which is currently still allowed (although who knows for how long). So perhaps a private gathering out the back of a sympathetic local cafe might work ?

  3. Matt,

    The cigar we smoked last time was a Bolivar Belicosos Finos, and I’ll be damned if it wasn’t the best Bolivar I’ve smoked in the last 3 or so months. The cigar for this Sunday is a very, very special cigar, a limited release Cuban that will go down a treat – looking forward to catching up again mate!


  4. Cheers for that Josh. I’ll have to find a note book or something to bring along this time. Or perhaps make sure to take a photo of the wrapper at the end, seeing as this entire blog is my extended list of tasting notes :)

  5. Matt.
    This is an awesome idea! Some of my buddies and I spend many nights trying to match the perfect cigar with that perfect bottle of vino. As you can imagine this is a difficult task. It’s really just the idea of combining two of my favorite things into one event. I will definately have to give the coffee paring a try.

  6. Yeh I know what you mean mate… although my personal philosophy is that if you’re trying two things you really enjoy, then the union is always going to be a good thing. I find my favourite things to have with cigars are coffee, red wine, port / fortified liqueurs, and dark chocolate.

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