Autism Fundraiser Cafe Day

The crew

Thanks to Grendel for inviting me along to help out at a fundraiser he organised this weekend to raise money for the Autism Association Early Intervention Centre.

It was a great day, with lots of local coffee afficionados getting together to geek out and make coffee for a good cause.

Check out the man himself’s wrap up of the event, and check out a few photos I’ve pull together from it. All for a good cause of course :)

6 thoughts on “Autism Fundraiser Cafe Day”

  1. Hey Matt! What a bunch of ‘Likely Looking Lads’ you are! Would have loved to have been there! Instead I was braving the cold on my bike yesterday! How does one ingratiate themselves into such esteemed coffee circles? Do hope the male thing is not compulsory otherwise I’m most definitely out of luck ;-) Spending my day indoors by the fire today sipping some divine flat white c/o Kamran’s Mysore Nuggets… Oh, what crema even my humble skills are producing with that stuff! Have divine inspiration to go and make soup now (must be the weather)… Ciao!

  2. Matt,

    Thank you and Sharon for coming by to help yesterday it was much appreciated. It is great to share the company of fellow coffeesnobs and learn from them. It seems to be a very strong community (the specialty coffee community) and their support for the Autism Association through this fundraiser has been amazing.

  3. Yo Matt, haha.. wierd stuff.. my gf got forwarded this link to your site for one of your reviews and i was like.. hm.. matt. sounds familiar.. wonder if its the same matt.. went to your about page.. and voila.. same guy..

    Perth is too small..
    Great site by the way.. beautiful photos dude..
    didn’t know CS folk can take photos like that.

  4. Good stuff Matt. My wife is a special needs early development teacher specializing in Autism. Great to see support for a good cause!


  5. Aye… looks like I forgot to reply to all you lovely people…

    Lorraine: I think you’re pretty well ingratiated now, so don’t worry, next time an invitation will definitely be extended. Glad the mysore nuggets went down a treat… Oh… and if you need somewhere to offload those excess Kipflers, just let me know :)

    Grendel: It was great. Sharon and I both had an excellent day and were very encouraged by meeting so many enthusiastic people. Glad the end result was so good too… over $5000 is a great achievement that you and Alli should be justifiably proud of… well done :)

    Andrew: Small worlds yet again… I’m continually amazed by how small this city is… Whats stranger is when you start getting forwarded your own articles… :) Glad you like the photos… My creative side comes up occasionally :)

    Andy C: Wow, much respect for Robin, thats not the kind of job you can do casually. Anyone dedicating themselves to working with special needs children has my utmost respect.

    Neil: Hope you didn’t skip a coat of paint just for me :) Thanks for stopping by, it was a great day, and a worthy cause.

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