Barista Jam this Sunday – Don’t forget !

Perth Barista Jam 08

You’ve seen it here, you’ve seen it on Cafe Grendel. You’ve seen it in cafe’s… It’s spoken about in hushed whispers in coffee shops and espresso bars all throughout the city… all the cool kids are totally coming along (isn’t that right Mooba?) that’s right… it’s the Barista Jam !

This coming Sunday… this very weekend, the first proper barista jam will be going down at the WA Barista Academy in Northbridge. It’s a chance for everyone either in or on the fringes (peering gleefully over the shoulder) of the Perth coffee scene. You are all invited, regardless of your preference for coffee machine, roaster, grinder, tamper, fair trade, direct trade, share trade… you get the picture. Leave the ego at the door (mine fits in a custom designed warehouse), and enjoy some great coffees, food, beers, and have a crack at taking away some prizes in a winner takes all latte art smackdown !

Be there or be L7.

3 thoughts on “Barista Jam this Sunday – Don’t forget !”

  1. If you don’t understand what L7 means are you too uncool to go to the Barista Jam?

    Not that I don’t not understand what L7 means just asking on behalf of someone else who might not understand. . .

    A friend of mine you see, who is, er, cool.

    Sort of. ?

  2. If you don’t understand what L7 means, then you very well might be too cool to go to the barista jam :) Also I hope you’re bringing your palate… we’ll need some judges for these comps of high repute :)

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