Tiger, Tiger

Tiger Tiger Coffee Bar

Tiger, Tiger is the kind of place that people who hang around the kitchen at parties will like. That’s according to Clare Wayne, the owner of this funky little inner city coffee oasis, who I think may have a point.

Clare is slowly carving out a little slice of the CBD for her very own, and crafting it into the kind of place where people can feel comfortable hanging out, and perhaps find a bit of solace in this hectic (wait am I talking about Perth) city. Complete with plush booths, eclectic furniture (sourced individually), a burgeoning herb garden, and some damn fine coffee.

Clare was the manager at Oxford 130 for a long time, so running a cafe is like second nature to her. Never short of an opinion, she’s quick to make sure cocky lad-about-town (ha!) coffee geeks like me know exactly what kind of effort goes into running one too… and it’s that passion (horrible but inevitable word) and drive that sets her apart from your run of the mill “how many people can we get through the doors today” cafes that abound in our fair city.

Tiger, Tiger (I really should ask if Clare is a William Blake fan) is located in Murray Mews. If you’re not familiar with a mews… it’s kind of a cross between a lane and an alleyway, the most important part being that it is hidden or secluded. I’m not sure how that affects business, but it creates a wonderful secret garden type vibe when you happen across Tiger, Tiger for the first time. It’s tucked away in a corner in between Hay and Murray Streets, turning past clothing store El Dorado (I’m sure all you fashionistas) know that one), and 100m or so back from the Belgian Beer Cafe (scene of my glass stealing infamy in the days before you had to give them your shoe).

The coffee they are using is Fiori (more on them later), and it’s really starting to hit it’s strides. On a cruisey Thursday morning last week I popped in and sampled a fine short macchiato that had excellent body, as well as just the right amount of sweetness from the milk to keep my taste buds happy. Clare, and roving barista Jackson are pumping out some great shots, and are producing what would be the peak expression of the Fiori blend at this point in time.

Aside from the coffee (and a superb hot chocolate with dessicated coconut in it), they also have a little kitchen, and make fresh meals daily and have a commitment to using organic produce.

The crowd is just as eclectic as the furniture. From coffee nerds like me, to every flavour of trendy (and not so) business types, to the rest of the hipsters who have somehow found themselves no longer in Leederville. They all add to the vibe of the place, creating a sophisticated but grungy atmosphere that would not be out of place in a quiet Melbourne lane way.

Not done yet

So next time you’re wandering through the “west end”, take the time to peer down a few of the little alleys and you may just come across a hidden gem or two.

Tiger, Tiger
Shop 4, Murray Mews
329 Murray St, Perth
t: 9322 8055
f: 9322 8077


31 thoughts on “Tiger, Tiger”

  1. hi there. I don’t live in aus, but i read tons of foodie lit from there. Noticed tiger tiger has been
    getting quite a bit of publicity recently, being featured here and in nov’s issue of delicious. Looks like
    they’re doing something right!

  2. Roving Barista ? Thanks for the article Matt … Excellent pictures. Hopefully will see you again sooner rather than later …


  3. Hi Shaz, yeh they have been getting some press recently, also a spot in Gourmet Traveler, and in the Qantas magazine… not a bad effort at all.

    Edward, thanks for noticing :) Still working on my style, but i was particularly happy with those shots… Shout outs to Jen for being a great hand model.

    Jackson, apologies for spelling your name wrong, rectified now. Roving is not a bad thing, just means you’re seeking quality… which I reckon you’ve found now.
    I’ll make sure I stop by again soon.

  4. Well – that is another place on my list for pre-christmas lunches to catch up with colleagues. Thanks for the tip Matt.

    BTW, Epic have switched this months SO (Nicaraguan) for a Ugandan bean of much more forgiving nature. Worth a try.

    Look forward to the article on Fiori, they’ve been doing some nice roasting and I always like to see local roasters getting along.

  5. CW: Not if you like hot chocolate :) Any particular reason you don’t drink coffee ?

    Alex: Unlike a lot of people I spend my time in cafes trying to get away from computers, so while free wireless is great, I think I’ll stick to the macchiato :) Excellent choice on the Monte 4… I’ve had Monte 2’s with coffee in past and they go together surprisingly well.

    Grendel: No worries on the tip, I’m always on the lookout for good places myself. Thanks for the Epic news as well, although I was in there just this morning myself and had a picollo latte of the Ugandan that was really nice. We’re getting spoilt for choice these days :)

  6. Spoilt for choice? yes but it has taken some time for Perth to get to this point!

    I’d given up and started roasting my own beans (and still do) but I like being able to get a great coffee out and about.

    Haven’t tried it with a monte though. Got lots of empty boxes, but no cigar. . .

  7. Hey Alex, not sure about Punch…I’ve heard and seen them around, but yet to be convinced as to the quality for the price they’re charging… They’re rolling out too many buzz words in their advertising to make me feel comfortable. The PNG they’re using sounds much like PNG PSC AA (an excellent coffee used by 5 Senses (especially in the 24/7 blend)), which is also a derivative of Jamaican Blue Mountain, but for the price they’re charging, and some doubtful freshness I’d be skeptical as to how much better it could be than anything else.

    Grendel, I know exactly what you mean…when it rains, it pours. I started home roasting as well mainly to fuel the coffee knowledge a bit more, and also to make sure I could always find fresh beans… recently though, i’ve been so flush with beans from real roasters I haven’t needed to roast anything… My biggest problem is drinking it all before it goes stale… ;)

  8. Hey all, the PNG AA Punch is indeed wonderful coffee. (24/7 is single A PNG not double AA). This coffee is worth the price, it’s unbelievable but make sure you get it fresh roasted directly from Punch not from a reseller. Five Senses roast for them.


  9. Hi Matt,

    regarding your problem about beans going stale, feel free to donate to
    those less fortunate (hint hint)
    Hey – RV is road-testing Antz Pantz beans so (shock/horror) you might
    consider giving it a try, now all we need is some barista’s with skill.

    see you soon


  10. If cost is an issue – roast your own. My batch tonight of Bali Gunung Batur blended with Uganda Mt Elgon (a total of 740 grams green and 616 g roasted) will have cost me around $12 a kilo.

  11. I checked this place out on Tuesday. The hot chocolate deserves the mention you’ve given it. The chocolate is yum and the coconut simply delicious – a really good combination. Also had a flat white. Not so sure that’s to my liking.
    I’d probably go back for the chocolate

  12. Hi Matt,

    Nice to meet you at Mooba. It was our first visit there, but seemed like there’s good stuff happening there. Will we see a review?

    Still haven’t visited Tiger, Tiger yet, but we’re hoping to. You said “more on them later” re Fiori here, but haven’t really said much more here. Would like to hear more about them. Online searches haven’t revealed a lot so far. Any info?



  13. Dammit, I’ve been caught out slacking off… noone is supposed to read my posts that closely people… :)

    That said I will do a post on Fiori soon, I’m just lazy and still in a post holiday malaise that I should snap out of soon.

    I should do a review of Mooba too, they look like they’re going to do well… Will perhaps head back there soon for a bit more indepth chat and some better photos.

  14. LOL! Someone has to keep you on your toes ;-)

    We’re agreed about Mooba – anyone with 5 Senses coffee, a Synesso, Mazzer and Bean Scenes available to read can’t be too far off track!!

    Looking forward to reading more about both Fiori and Mooba.

  15. LOVE Tiger, Tiger. Wireless broadband, friendly staff, brilliant food and coffee. As someone who works from home, I’ve been scouting for the perfect venue for meetings for years and have finally found it. It’s like one of those little places in Melbourne or Barcelona, feels like a friend’s house. Jazz music, casual, comfortable old furniture, cute mismatched vintage crockery with my cup of English Breakfast. Hard to believe this quiet little haven is in the CBD. In some ways, it’s tempting to keep it secret so it doesn’t get too crowded and lose it’s charm. But that would be selfish :P Can I move in, please?

  16. Hey Kat… thanks for the comment… I think you hit the nail on the head there about Tiger Tiger… along with the keeping it a secret bit… although I think it’s a bit too popular for that :)

  17. Heya Matt,

    Gorgeous photos, by the way. Lol, you’d already done the damage of showing everyone what a cool place it was, I’m just jumping on your bandwagon :)

  18. My good friend took me to Tiger Tiger last Friday night after work and I loved it. Fantastic intimate atmosphere and great live music. Thanks

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