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Sorry all round

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Dear readers,

Just a quick note to apologise for the recent ups and down on this site, which is having a few growing pains at present while I look for a new server to house it on. So if you’ve had trouble getting onto the site recently I apologise, and hopefully will have it sorted out soon.

In the meantime, here’s a shot of my lovely sister who recently got married.

My Sister - The Bride

And here’s the first few experimental shots taken mostly by Sharon with our new Holga camera. Very cool :)

How not to scan your negatives... Holga Jules Holga Casey Holga Me 

A few things of note

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Just a little note on a few things that are happening in the food blogosphere.

  1. A Menu For Hope – This is popping up on virtually every food website in the world, and so just to be different, here it is on mine too. It’s an idea created by Pim of Chez Pim to raise money for the United Nations – World Food Programme, by raffling off prizes donated by food bloggers the world over and giving the proceeds to the programme. Last year $17,000 was raised, and this year looks to be much bigger. Check out Helen’s site for full details of how people in Australia can participate.
  2. The Food Blog Awards have been announced over at the Well Fed Network. I may or may not be in the running for one of the categories, but if anyone should deign my little excuse for a blog as worthy of another, then feel free to drop my name.
  3. Spam – an unfortunate part of life online is spam… and just lately I’ve been getting slammed by it. Over 3000 spam comments in the space of a few hours almost brought my site down for a while, and there doesn’t seem to be much let up. To try and combat that I’ve installed a few extra wordpress plugins, and upped the level on all my spam detection radars, so if you’re having trouble posting comments or viewing the site in general, please let me know by email and I’ll try and sort it out. On a completely unrelated note, if anyone needs some all natural hoodia or cialis, I may know where you can find some…

I ♥ comments.

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Yes gentle reader folk… This is but a simple note to say that as much as I love cooking for the pure epicurean thrill of creating tasty food. I am also vain and need constant primping to maintain my fragile ego.


Leave me comments !! :)

If you found any of my stuff interesting, or check out this site on a more than infrequent basis, please let me know you’re out there :)

Over and out.


Tagging like there’s no tomorrow

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I’m adding tags to all my posts now using a sweet plugin. You should notice the cloud of tags on the right, sized by frequency of use… a new way of navigating… let me know if you like it.


Theme change

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I’ve reverted back to the original theme i started this site with ages ago. It’s called Gentle Calm… and is a lovely minimal theme, which i like a lot as it doesnt detract from the content… which ok… is sorely lacking… but im working on it.

To see what i’ve actually been doing, check out my Flickr gallery. I seem to be able to update it more frequently than i get around to doing here.

More content and photos and recipes and reviews to come soon… i promise (ish).