I ♥ comments.

Yes gentle reader folk… This is but a simple note to say that as much as I love cooking for the pure epicurean thrill of creating tasty food. I am also vain and need constant primping to maintain my fragile ego.


Leave me comments !! :)

If you found any of my stuff interesting, or check out this site on a more than infrequent basis, please let me know you’re out there :)

Over and out.

11 thoughts on “I ♥ comments.”

  1. I’m here, and I probably visit once a month or so. I’m liking what I see, however I am vegetarian, so am more interested in the non-meat elements of your dishes. :)

  2. Thanks Miles,

    Nice to know people are out there :) I remember reading a similar post on your blog a while back that probably made me start commenting more on posts I come across that I like.

    I can’t say vegetarian dishes are my forte… but will definitely have to keep that in mind. I’m sure my girlfriend would appreciate a drop in the fat content of some of my meals :)

    Thanks again for stopping by.

  3. I pop in from time to time, usually from the Perth Blog Feed. Always entertaining, but a bad idea to read on an empty stomach.

    Keep up the good work.

    Incidentally, is the Barista Academy you mentioned the other day the one upstairs at European Foods in Northbridge?

  4. Thanks for that :)

    The Barista Academy isn’t associated with European Foods, its located at 135 Lake St in Northbridge, and is basically run by Ben. He’s still in the process of getting it all set up, but feel free to email him if you want more info.

    ben AT baristaacademy.com.au

    Website is still in the process of getting set up.

  5. ignorant man had to look up meaning of terse,
    see you tonight – back to work now, job now comes with no air con and no
    water , yay(waving hands)

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