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Finally back to the business of eating in Perth. I have long been missing the love of a good honest curry. Since the fateful closing of Suraj last year, there’s been a curry shaped void in my life that no amount of franchised Indian restaurants could fill.

Enter the charming Jessie and her curry kitchen.

Situated in a barely recognisable corner of Inglewood on the Beaufort St strip that holds so much potential for both greatness and disaster for potential dinner goers, you probably wouldn’t know it was there. If you did happen to walk past it, you’d more than likely assume it was just a dull little suburban Indian takeaway store and continue on your way to get a dodgy kebab… but then you’d be wrong.

What Jessie’s Curry Kitchen lacks in style, it makes up for abundantly in substance. Jessie works the kitchen, and her husband Jeya works the floor. Everything is made from scratch in the kitchen and the curries have a special quality to them that can only be construed as “love”.

The menu is a mixture of Indian and Malaysian dishes. There’s dosai, chapati, roti paratha, and selection of basic curries described succinctly as “chicken butter curry”, “chicken curry”, “fish curry”, “lamb curry”. No need for superfluous explanations or derivations as the flavours stand for themselves. The fish curry we had consisted of mackeral and had a texture so meaty I could have sworn it was chicken if I closed my eyes. I’m not sure if that’s a great compliment but for something so unassuming to completely surprise me is a rare and special thing. The lamb curry brims with clove and star anise, but doesn’t attack the senses. In fact all the dishes are quite reserved in the Johnny Cash (Ring of fire) sense.

Being from Sri Lanka originally before moving to Malaysia, there is also the added bonus of String Hoppers served up on weekends. They’re little bundles of rice noodles woven together into flat circles, and make a fantastic way to mop up dahl and curry.

Jessies Curry Kitchen : MenusCharles Melton : Rose of Virginia2007 Chalk Hill BarberaEye level BarberaJessies Curry Kitchen: Fish CurryJessies Curry Kitchen : Lamb CurryJessies Curry Kitchen : Chicken BiryaniJessies Curry Kitchen : Minimal ChicJessie in her kitchenDahlJessies Curry Kitchen : String HoppersJessies Curry Kitchen : ChapatiSatisfactionJessies Curry Kitchen : DoneJessies Curry KitchenJessies Curry Kitchen

On my most recent visit to Jessies with my dining entourage the meal started off with samosas, then moved on to every different type of curry, dahl, chicken biryani, hoppers, and roti. There was 6 of us, and I think the total bill came to around $114. Which was plainly ridiculous given the amount of gorging we’d all just done. Add to the fact that I don’t think Jeya charges anything for corkage, so the 3 or 4 bottles of wine consumed over the course of an hour or two were well and truly worth it. On a side note, I’m still to find a great wine to pair with curry, although a glass of Charles Melton “Rose of Virginia” donated by Mr Wino-sapien & family was perhaps a better choice than my Chalk Hill Barbera, which on it’s own is quite stunning, but with curry just seems to confuse things.

All romanticism aside, the place is small, pokey, hard to find if you aren’t looking, and has about as much atmosphere as a dentists waiting room, but once the food arrives it all just makes sense. Each time I’ve been there I’ve had strange moments where I catch the eyes of other diners and we share a look that somehow indicates we’re in the know. It’s a nod of the head and a sly smile (which could just indicate I’m about to get lucky) that says somehow we’re onto something here that no one else recognises, somehow we’ve come to find something quite special. And I completely agree.

Jessie’s Curry Kitchen & Cafe
869 Beaufort Street

Opening hours:
Wed to Sun: 11:00am to 2:30pm
5:30pm to 8:30pm
Mon: 11am to 2:30pm
Ph: 9271 8528

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43 thoughts on “Jessie’s Curry Kitchen”

  1. “…somehow we’re onto something here that no one else recognises…”

    Except for your friends that dragged you along kicking and screaming to this place a couple of months back. ;)

    Great review and photos as usual, except not enough time was spent telling everyone how good those samosas and curry puffs are. Completely different league IMO to anything else I’ve tried.

  2. Matt C: I am never without my SLR. I made a conscious decision a while back that if I was going to take food photos they were going to do the food justice. Be that in a restaurant or at home. I haven’t had any problems so far, so If you’ve got one, I’d say go for it. Especially at Jessie’s, who love a bit of attention :)

    Brad: I was waiting for a Gogo comment from you. Disappointing. But I don’t remember any kicking or screaming, pretty sure I left that til after we got lucky.

    You’re right though, the curry puffs and samosas are formidable. I’ll update with a bit more about them.

  3. Matt,

    My son is still convinced you are Matt Giteau from the Wallabies!

    It was a very pleasant surprise to cross paths again, I’m glad the Charlie Melton was not wasted.

    Best wishes,

    1. Edward, there’s no need to shatter that illusion… I’m happy to be a Matt Giteau stand-in should you ever
      need birthday party entertainment, or nintendo competition :) I even used to play rugby…

      It was nice to run into you as well, your impeccable taste has cemented that Jessie’s is definitely a great spot.

  4. *smiling and nodding*

    the wine/curry match sounds like a challenge… perhaps we can do a feature if you’re up for it?

  5. I like to drink a cheap cab sav with curry. I don’t want to waste anything too good on all the confusing flavors happening and I want something powerful enough to cut through and be tasteable. (Is that a word? I’m sure there is a real word that means the same thing.) At the moment we have a case or two of drinkable cleanskins that do the job nicely.

  6. Went to Jessie’s for dinner tonight, it is the best curry I’ve had for ages, meat samosas were brilliant, lamb and chicken curries amazing, thanks for the tipoff Matt!!

  7. Gotta try it – after a WOEFUL meal at Cinnamon on the Park last night, we’re keen to look further afield for a decent curry.

  8. That’s a great price for the six of you! I love Indian food, but as I don’t live in Perth it’s unlikely I’ll get to try this restaurant :(

  9. oh dear… thinking of picking up (“getting lucky”) even whilst you’re in a dodgey, pokey indian place. standards man!

  10. Matt,

    We went to Jessie’s last night on your recommendation. Really enjoyed it. Samosas, roti, and butter chicken were really good. Fish curry was a bit of a let down, but overall we had a great meal. Both Jaya and Jessie were very friendly.

  11. String Hoppers! I used to live next door to a Sri Lankan family and they used to take pity on my and invite me for dinner – these were my absolute favourite. Thanks for the heads-up. Perhaps we could have a barista champ planning meeting there?

  12. Agree – this place is AWESOME! Not only is it one of the very few places in Perth that you can get a proper roti paratha (i.e. flaky outside, fluffy inside, freshly made – not some dodgy frozen flat bread), but Jessie and Jeya are so friendly. It might have been months since my last visit, but they still remember me!

    Good blog btw – nice to have someone doing the leg work of finding good places to eat in Perth ;)

  13. went tonite with 3 others. a bit of a let down unfortunately, and I don’t mean the decor as I was amply warned. the food was just, well, very ordinary. have had better curry elsewhere in perth. perhaps it was a quiet “off” nite?

    matt, i gave it a go!

    1. Then you’ve done all you can Pei :)

      I would rate Jessies samosa’s and roti as some of the best in Perth, and the curry has all been great each time I’ve been. The lamb curry and fish curry esp. Perhaps I didn’t adequately manage your expectations ?

      Where would you say you’ve had better ?

  14. I have been to Jessies Curry Kitchen only once and that will be the last as well. I bought a Nasi Goreng (it was called that in the menu) and that was the worst ever “Nasi Goreng” I have ever had in my entire life. Portion sizes are crap. We tried to eat this so called Nasi Goreng and couldn’t eat it so we had to cook some food at home for dinner. This place is absolute crap and I will not recommend anyone to go there unless you really want to get ripped-off. When you see the menu you might think the food is cheap, but that quality, you can buy anywhere for less than half the price or you can make a better meal at home.

  15. Maybe you should change your name to food hater… You order one dish one time and make an opinion based on that ? Ridiculous. If you can buy all the ingredients and take the time to cook the meal for less than $10, then congratulations, maybe you should have stayed home to start with.

  16. well Matt, you seem like a very loyal customer of Jessie or are you the owner of the shop acting like a customer. so u went to the extent of checking the price of Nasi Goreng and identifying what ingredients goes into that before writting this comment. either you are the owner of this shop or you have some side benefit from this food joint. mate, its true that i tried only one dish but that dish has to be what its supposed to be. if you cant produce a quality output for that price either you have to increase the price or you have to remove that item from your menu. you cant rip off people like this. first impression is what matters. after i tasted the so called “Nasi Goreng” or whatever that box of rice was, i think Jessie’s lost few customers. so the owner (if it’s not u) has to make sure they do the right thing or give up.

    1. How about having a look at the rest of my blog and what I do before making comments that make you sound like even more of an idiot.

      I don’t know what the exact price of the Nasi Goreng is, but I know it’s cheap… and if you had bothered to make your complaints to them at the time, rather than running online to whinge, you’d have found them to be understanding and open.

      The reason I defend Jessie’s is because I love the place. I’ve been many times and had pretty much everything on the menu and I think it’s all great value. Fortunately so do a great number of other loyal followers and people who aren’t quite so close minded as you.

      Perhaps, in the guise of being constructive, you’d like to share your ideal Nasi Goreng recipe and where you’ve had a great one ?

  17. Ok food_lover99, before we turn Matt’s blog into an online archive of your stupidity, how about you address one of the statements you’ve made?

    food_lover99 says – “When you see the menu you might think the food is cheap, but that quality, you can buy anywhere for less than half the price or you can make a better meal at home.”

    Anywhere for half the price? Really? Please name some places as I’d be happy to try them out. Also, I look forward to your recipe (including all costs) for your ‘better meal at home’.

    I was there last Saturday night along with my partner and two friends, plus their 2 year old. The bill came to $73 and we certainly didn’t go hungry. Now, using your logic, we could have gone anywhere and fed 4 adults (plus a kid) for $36.50. Again, please name these places.

    By the way, Chicken Treat doesn’t count.

  18. looking at the day and time of comments, you people seem to be visiting the blog more often than Jessie’s kitchen. my very first comment was at 7.33 pm on January 29th and Matt responded at 8.13 pm on the same day (in 40mins.) my second comment (feb 5th at 8.02am) was answered by Matt at 9.13 a.m the same day (this time one hour and 11 mins) and Brad same day 10.36 am (2 hours and 34 mins). seems like you people are jobless. gusy i’ve got more important things to do than answering your stupid questions. Brad u are such a stupid a** to think its actually half price (73/2 = 36.50 sooo funny)when i say half price. wise people use these type of comments in their conversations. dont take them as true to the last decimal place. i think its time to give up cos its easier to argue with 100 wise men than 1 stupid a** like u. enjoy Jessie’s tastelss currys.

  19. Food_Lover99 thanks for ur wonderfull comments on Jessies Food. Its amazing to hear u say crap potion sizes, tasteless curries and its says nasi goreng on the menu etc,etc. Do u really know whats nasi goreng is ?. It would have been good of u to have called Jessies and fed back ur dislike for her food. I dont know where u are coming from. Just after eating one dish u seem to condemn everything else on the menu. What are u trying to achieve here. Jessies have been around for 4 years and everyone who has eaten her nasi goreng have always come back for more. Only yesterday we sold a lot of nasi goreng and everyone enjoyed it. Its really very sad that u have either have some dislike for us or u would not be saying comments of this nature. Whatever the circumstances u are more than welcome to come and talk to us about the food u bought from us. Also our portion sizes are bigger than any of the Indian Restaurants in town. Our prices are reasonable and not cheap as u have assumed. I would say most of the comments u made about Jessies is not warranted and I think u owe us an apology.

  20. its true that the only dish i had from ur place was the Nasi Goreng. but what im saying is a Nasi Goreng must be a Nasi Goreng. as a single person i would go to a restauraunt to have a nice dish after getting bored with my crappy cooking. so at that place if i dont get what i expect, then i get really angry. i dont think i owe an apology cos this is my opinion. i dont have a personal grudge with u cos u are black and i am white. thats all i have to say.

  21. For the past six months i have been ordering 2 Nasi Gorengs a week for lunch from Jessie, and each time my mouth explodes from all the flavours.( I don’t have dinner that night because I am still full) I have recommended my friends to this fine establishment and all come back grinning. You go girl!! xxx

  22. i find it absolutely hilarious when either matt, brad or jeya has proven a point to one of many food_lover99’s outlandish statements that he/she cannot come back with the goods and completely changes the subject.

    It basically proves that food_lover99 has no substance whatever to his argument and that this person’s comments are just simply tomfoolery and simply shouldn’t be taken notice.

    Let me hear food_lover99…where can you feed a family of 4 for $36.50 at a place other than a fast-food establishment? or how can you condemn a whole menu based on your tasting of one item of the menu? or can you make and sell a real good tasting nasi goreng for less than $10? Please tell me, we’re all looking forward to your answers.

    I suggest now “food_lover”99 you quit while you’re ahead…or should i say ‘quit while you’re behind’ because you are continuously making a fool of yourself. Back up your claims before you go any further…

  23. Heya,

    Nice review. I live in Perth and had eaten in every indian restaurant (or almost) there is.

    Keeping of the dining experience aside, I believe Anghiti in Innaloo is arguably the best ! Their chicken curries are out of the world and addictive. After a huge gap it is followed by Little chutneys and Royal India. But its about the “taste” of the food and the dining experience is okay.

  24. sorry guys i didnt mean to just leave Mmm there. i accidently pressed the submit button. anyways by reading the comments it looks like Nasi Goreng is a quite discussed menu item in Jessie’s kitchen. i think i’m going to try that sometime so that i also can leave my independant comment. i saw this website when looking for indian food. can someone tell me what sort of food is available at this place? thanks

    1. CS, I hope you don’t think I’m as stupid as you are not to notice that your ip address and “foodlover_99″‘s are exactly the same. And also that you found the site by typing “Jessie’s Curry Kitchen” into google a number of times over the past couple of weeks.

      As for your independent assessment of the Nasi Goreng, I think we’re already heard it, so if your plan was to back up this comment with one agreeing with your alter ego, then I think that failed.

      If however, “CS” is actually your rationally minded split personality coming out, then I would definitely be interested to hear what a return visit to Jessie’s in a new frame of mind was like… So feel free to enlighten me.

      As you would be aware though, the menu at Jessie’s is a mixture of Malaysian, Indian, and some Sri Lankan dishes, and stems from Jessie and Jeya’s combined heritage.

      I await your review with baited breath.

  25. I have been meaning to try Jessie’s for a while now, since some time before I saw it on the Beaufort Street Blog, and I finally found an excuse tonight for Vindaloo Against Violence Day (any excuse for a curry, really), and I have already decided to head back in the next week or so with a group so I can try more than the one dish.

    The lamb curry, while generically named, was divine, and could easily rank up there as one of the best curries I have tasted. I would love to taste what they do with a saag lamb or vindaloo (or even beef, which is curiously missing on the menu).

    The aloo paratha was, likewise, divine. I ordered it on the spur of the moment, and I don’t think I’ve had one that good anywhere.

    Had I visited Jessie’s before I probably wouldn’t have mourned the closing of Suraj nearly as much.

  26. One of the true treasures, are her curry puffs. Easily the best curry puffs in WA! Been going there for the past 3 years and all I can say is that the food is great. She is a very hospitable host and I cannot recommend this place any higher!

  27. Food lover says that if I don’t get what i expect I get angry. Going on to say that Nasi Goreng has to be just so. Nasi Goreng what? You can see that the owners are Sri Lankan and lived in Malaysia. If you have only eaten “Bali” Nasi Goreng then of course the Nasi Goreng you tasted will be different. I don’t even know if they lived in KL, Nasi Gorng is different even from KL to JB. Indonesian Nasi Goreng varies from Medan to Kupang, only and idiot would think the dish the same in all places or from people with differnt origins. Try some Tahu Goreng from Mahsuri and some from Jimbaran. Same name, differnt dish. We seem to live by our previous encounters and not by new experience.

  28. I guess I’ll need to try the place again. We had take away from there last night and while the breads were really good the curries were pretty ordinary.

    Given the positive feedback here though and my closeness, I’ll give them another shot some time.

  29. Jessie’s curry was recommended to us by a friend. our first visit has become a regular enjoying every dish on the menu. The teh tarik and the vegetarian meal is something to die for. Jessie’s curry has become our favorite dinning since then. keep up the good food Jessie especially the ice kanchang

  30. Just ate there. Got told off for bringing in a bottle of Mount Franklin that I never drank, just because I put it on the table, not that I didn’t order any desserts/drinks. Horrible customer service because of that. Won’t go there again. Such a waste, really, because the I actually thought that the curry was good. Unfortunately, the food portion was also pretty small.

  31. Thanks Tess for your comments. Surprising that you and you friend cleaned up the plates and the ice kachang as well . Explaining to you that we do sell our own water and soft drinks is not telling off.

  32. Have been here a few times now, and have always left happy. Its basic food, in basic surroundings. But you don’t care when you’re in there because its tasty as. Had a gorgeous sambal that was so surprising, had great flavour, and really enhanced the curry. Im really keen to get there on a weekend to try the stringhoppers! Its a really well kept secret…

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