Shiny Shiny

shiny shiny

So yes… That’s right… I have a blog.

Somehow in the crazy mixed up time that is Christmas and New Year and holidays and moving house… I seemed to forget about this little corner of the world.

Not that this post is going to make up for it mind you. It’s just one of those lazy kind of ways to say that I’m still here, and life is good.

It’s also an excuse to introduce you to the newest member of the family, who I have no name for as yet, because the only names I can think of are lame. By deed poll though, he’s Isomac La Mondiale, a modern masterpiece of stainless steel and brass and shininess that has the apartment smelling of wonderful espresso every morning.

More photos of shots and a bit of a review coming soon for the coffee lovers, but this will have to tide you over for now :)

18 thoughts on “Shiny Shiny”

  1. Hmmm….names?

    He’s short, fat, has a very shiny head, and has Italian heritage.

    I think Isomac should be renamed Danny Devito.

  2. Brad, Linda… I’ll run those names by him/her/it (where do I look to tell if it’s a boy or girl ?) I don’t want a coffee machine with identity crises…

  3. it’s a sexy piece of equipment with a peculiar brand name – I would try to use the letters in Isomac La Mondiale to form a name – Simone is one and I am sure there are others.

    Your photo’s are exceptional – would you be able to include the settings you use for your photo’s.

    cheers Shane

  4. Hey Shane, good thinking on the anagrams… I can see a few options in there. Stay tuned for some more photos of actual coffees and a name announcement soon.

    As for my photos, I’m not sure what settings you mean, but I shoot with a Canon dSLR and this shot was taken with a 30mm sigma lens. Thanks for stopping by :)

  5. Grendel: If you feel like putting her back together and letting me know then that’d be cool. I’m thinking I might just take her off to “insert unmentionable coffee machine repair place” and get her fixed, then send her off to a new home.

  6. Cheers mate… and if it makes you feel any better, I burnt my finger on that shininess this morning… which not surprisingly hurts just as much :)

  7. So much jealousy… tsk tsk … everyone after my poppy…

    Ed, I’m waiting to see what you do with your La Pavoni… which I can only assume is a lever machine ?

  8. Yes, lever and with the Rocky grinder. It took me a year to find one on ebay and cost not much over $600. It gives a real feel for the grind. It is probably not the best machine and only has an 800ml boiler which lacks a bit of puff for texturing milk. But it does a decent enough espresso which i must video. Have you upgraded on the grinder front? When I master this then I shall follow your example.

  9. Hey Ed… which model of the La Pavoni do you have ? I’ve never actually used a lever machine before… But there’s something about using the pressure of your own arm to extract the espresso thats quite rustic and appealing. I’m yet to upgrade my grinder… so I’ve still got Rocky, who does an excellent enough job but still may not be around much longer.

  10. It’s the Europiccola. The hand pulling realy does put you in direct contact with whether the grind is too course or fine. Too fine and yiu can barely pull the lever. Of course, it adds something to the equation in making it more difficult to pull a perfect espresso but then it is all the more satisfying when the grind, climatic conditions, tamp, steam pressure et come together as one. Of course, when that happens the texturing of the milk doesn’t work out. When I was loking at the big p[osh machines I was recomended a Mazzer Mini. I reckon you could sell the Rocky for a very good price on ebay – you rarely see good machine or grinders discounted much. The La Pavoni was a fluke.

  11. I have been very lax in my supply of exuberant comments of late so will try and make up for lost time…
    Oooooh…. Ahhhhh. Ain’t “she” luverly!!!!!!
    Definitely has a feminine allure to her… the need for a deft hand and a few lovingly whispered words in appreciation of her beauty!

    I am growing ever closer to thinking seriously about my dire and desperate need for a new machine… especially now that I am officially in the coffee business and have the added incentive that I can legitimately write it off as a tax deduction ;-)

    So Matt… Is there room on the new bench top for anything else now????

  12. Lorraine, You’ve almost made up for it in one comment… well done on the exclamation marks…I think there’s just enough.

    I’m not sure if I agree with the female tendencies of the Mondiale… it’s definitely getting an ego trip at the moment with all this web based fawning… :)

    And no…there is no space at all on the bench anymore… but that’s ok as long as the coffee is good :)

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