Vietnamese Caramelised Chicken

Vietnamese Caramelised Chicken

Sometimes I have good ideas. Sometimes I get inspiration from other people. Sometimes my good ideas lead me to find inspiration, and it’s all one happy little coincidence. So after geeking around the web recently I came across a nifty little thing called Meebo. Meebo is a site that lets you embed your own little message window into the browser, so visitors can talk to you while they’re visiting your site. Which i thought was a relatively novel idea, although I figured it would be a waste of time.

Imagine my surprise then, when not long after setting it up, long time reader, first time instant live chatter Brad decided to mosey on by the site and give me an awesome recipe for the now obviously titled “Vietnamese Caramelised Chicken”.

According to Brad it was made by his brother recently, but he was going to do one better by remaking it with some additions. After taking a quick look at the recipe, I figured it could just about fit the often eclectic mix of ingredients I had in my fridge at the time, and so I printed it out and headed home to make it that very night.

The recipe from Brad, in it’s elegant simplicity is shown below. With the stuff in brackets being my own modifications.


  • 1 TBSP RICE BRAN OIL (I used peanut oil)
  • 4 SKINLESS, BONELESS CHICKEN THIGHS (I used two chicken breasts)
  • 6 BROWN SHALLOTS, THINLY SLICED (I used one big onion)
  • 1 TSP DRIED CHILLI FLAKES (I used a bunch of chilli powder)
  • 6 TBSP SOY SAUCE (I basically splashed a whole bunch of soy sauce into the pan)
  • 1/2 zucchini, sliced
  • handful of coriander, chopped

Heat the oil in a pan and brown the chicken in 2 batches, Remove the chicken and set aside. Add the garlic, shallots and chilli to the pan and cook over a gentle heat until soft and golden brown. Return the chicken to the pan and add the soy sauce and brown sugar. Cover and cook for 10 minutes, remove the lid, turn up the heat and cook, stirring until the chicken is coated and the sauce has reduced to a sticky syrup.

Serve on steamed rice with a squeeze of lemon or lime over the top.

For a very simple video of the process I went through to make it, check this out

So the result was great. Succulent chicken and a thick slightly sweet sauce that came together as the brown sugar was absorbed into the soy sauce. The coriander gave it a fragrant lift, along with a splash of apple cider (the new Pipsqueak brand from Little Creatures) that just felt right at the time.

Here’s to serendipity bringing great ideas your way soon. And if you haven’t checked out the actual website in a while, stop by soon and say hello, I promise to try not to freak you out :)

9 thoughts on “Vietnamese Caramelised Chicken”

  1. Thanks Linda :) Glad you liked it…

    Brad, if you keep on coming up with gems like this I can envisage many more minutes of fame… In fact I see a blogger in the making… Just think of the procrastination possibilities !

    Vietnam: peace to the North Vietnamese super spy… This may well be the only spam comment I’ve left on here. You should be proud.

    Carla, thanks :) My videos are a rare occurrence, but every so often the mood strikes. Just watched your banana bread video and must say anyone who uses Eartha Kitt as a soundtrack gets my vote :)

  2. oooyhal this ooks delicious! anything carmalized i’ll take it. meebo is the bomb too i didnt know they had an embed thingy for blogs, cool!

  3. Aha! A friend made this for me several months ago when I was ill – I didn’t know that she had pinched the recipe from you Matt (and Brad!).

    It was delicious and now I have the recipe I’ll be making it myself, thanks :)

  4. I’ve been craving honey soy chicken wings, so best I make them then try this recipe.

    Matt, do you have any food blogs from tropical Australia (Broome around to Mackay in QLD)? I’m a food blogger in Cairns trying to find like souls who are blogging north of the tropic of Capricorn….

    Even some bloggers from Mackay down to Byron Bay would be a good start!



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