Worlds best fruit mince pies

fruit mince pies

Are made by my mum. Anne-Marie of The Corrigin Mallee Tree Cafe & Gallery. The recipe is a secret, but if you want to taste perfection, look no further than a little cafe on the main street of Corrigin, in the heart of the West Australian Wheatbelt.

Corrigin is about 230 kms from Perth, out the Brookton Hwy and a worthy spot for anyone looking for a nice relaxing slice of West Australian country air.

West Australian readers should do themselves a favour and take a trip through the wheatbelt soon. Beyond Corrigin there is that 8th wonder of the world Wave Rock, the 9th wonder, Wagin’s giant ram, and 10th -> 17th wonders of lesser known rock formations and ant hills.

Anne-Marie has a reputation in the town, the district, and the greater West Australian baking landscape as an expert of the fruitmince pie, and has been perfecting her craft for many years now, to the point where she has lines of customers waiting for wares as soon as they come out of the oven. Get one while they’re still hot !

7 thoughts on “Worlds best fruit mince pies”

  1. Argh, we came through Corrigin last week on the way to Esperance (via Wave Rock), and all we did take silly photos of the flying ute and the big dog! Duh!

    And while I’m commenting, thanks for the mexican restaurant tip and happy new year! :)

  2. Sister A may be as biased as I am… but then there’s no argument when Mum’s baking is involved :)

    Nicole: Thanks :)

    Simone: You missed the best part ! For those not aware Corrigin is currently home to the world record for the longest line of people driving utes with dogs in them, and it’s also home to a Dog Cemetery… strange claims to fame… but I guess they’ve gotten a bit of notoriety out of it. According to me it’s also home to the best cafe in the wheatbelt.

    My pleasure on the Mexican tips… can’t have people eating crap all year now can we :)

  3. Hey! Happy New Year and all that (though you’re like, 12 hours ahead or something). But ah, forgive my silly American ways (erms… I’m hoping) but what is a fruit mince pie? Or is it as it sounds? Thanks :)

  4. I wish I could stop by and pick me up a few of those pies! I guess that isn’t an option as I am so many miles away!! My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

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