Hard Copy


Just a little note to West Australian readers that might be interested. One of the photos I took of latte art at Epic Espresso was used in the West Australian newspaper’s “Fresh” section on Thursday the 9th November as part of a short piece on the new cafe. I’m not sure why I get a buzz out of having my work in print, it’s not like I don’t have countless outlets for creative expression, but it’s still kinda cool. It was uncredited, but I’m hoping to rectify that when I get more experienced in this whole photography game. It was also cropped a bit in the paper, so for the record, the full photo is here. It wasn’t my favourite shot, but it’s still nice to see it get a slightly wider audience. Any cafe owners looking to get some quality shots done can feel free to shoot me an email before my ego (too late) and prices go through the roof… ha :)

9 thoughts on “Hard Copy”

  1. Great pic Matt at first I thought it was the latest offering from Chez Matt, your own latte art skills are still developing nicely I hope? Fantastic that you are being recognised by the local rag…. Well Done!

    p.s great new recipes did you engineer the change in weather to tempt us to cook them this weekend??? If so can I book the last week in November for fine weather (i’m planning a welcome summer bbq *wink wink*)


  2. Dear peeps. I love youse all. Thanks for your collective votes of confidence and nice comments. There are a few changes in the air these days which I’ll let you know about in due course, but just for the record… no I am not pregnant.

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