Red Knot – 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon (A wine post)

Well after being graciously linked up by Beau on his great wine blog, I thought it was about time I put some effort into writing about some of the wine I drink.

So here is the first effort… A lovely looking bottle of South Australian Cabernet Sauvignon that jumped off the shelf at me while on a mission to retrieve cumin seeds, buffalo mozzarella, and limonata from “Re-store” in Leederville.

Red Knot

It’s from a region of South Australia called Fleurieu, which i’d never heard of, and i really liked the label. Plus I’ve been drinking mainly Shiraz/Grenache/Mouverdre blends recently, so I thought it was time to get back to some of the more robust/in your face/full bodied wines that Australia has become famous for.

Fill me !

According to the wine maker, it should be something like this:

Vintage Note:
Dry conditions throughout the year lowered crop yields and produced concentrated and small berry fruit. Perfect ripening conditions from verasion to harvest resulted in wines of incredible flavor and color.

Tasting Note:
Deep Red. Cassis aromas complex with hints of mint and truffle and enhanced with roasted coffee bean and vanilla American and French oak. A full bodied wine with ripe blackberry fruit and a firm tannin structure. Toasty oak enhances the sweet fruit and lingers enticingly.

Davey Family Vineyard, McLaren Vale
Hindmarsh Valley, Southern Fleurieu

100% Cabernet Sauvignon

pH: 3.49
TA: 6.60
ALC: 13.80%

My take on the wine would be definitely a full fruit flavour. Lots of cherry/blackberry flavours hit you in face as soon as you take that first sip, and linger until you’re ready for the next. It’s definitely full bodied. Not the kind of wine that you can drink nonchalantly… It’s big flavoured and makes you sit up and take notice. The subtle nuances and flavours of the wine are lost on me I must admit, and being an avid coffee drinker/roaster, I didn’t pick up on the roasted coffee flavour as desribed in the wine makers notes. I would agree that the sweetness of the wine lingers though… theres not the oaky aftertaste that much of the heavily wooded wines seems to carry with them.

Tryin to get all funky, but not working

All in all I’d say it’s a great wine, not too complex, but a very enjoyable drink.

I’m also loving my new Reidel ‘O’ series, stemless glassware. I’ve broken many a wine glass stem in my time (I think my record is three in one night), and so these are a breath of fresh air. They also look great, and feel great in the hand, and are just the right shape for swirling and bringing out all those luscious red wine aromas… Now if my uncultured nose could only work out what some of them are, i’d be laughing :)

Reidel Stemless

2 thoughts on “Red Knot – 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon (A wine post)”

  1. So, you llike the new Reidel ?O? series, stemless glassware? They look a little unstable, are my eyes decieving me?

    I just found your Blog via Flickr & love it (your Blog, I mean, well I love Flickr too). I see you roast coffee, being a home roaster too, I am going to have to check out your past posts on the subject.
    Collin C.

  2. Hey Collin,

    Yeh I love the ‘O’ series… Mine are the Shiraz/Syrah style glasses, and they are very sturdy… If i could have knocked them over by now, I’m sure i would have :)

    Thanks for the comment, and glad to hear you liked the site. I’m afraid the coffee roasting posts are on the low side… but rest assured I’m still roasting on an almost weekly basis. I’ve got some great new beans coming in the next week or so, so check back for a post about them.


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