Coffee for Unity

meanwhile in Italy...

A great shot of coffee I pulled at home recently on my trusty Rancilio Silvia, after grinding on my Rancilio Rocky. The blend was half Brazilian Reserve Daterra, as roasted by 5 Senses, and half Nicaraguan as roasted by Fiori. A tasty blend to unite two of the premier coffee roasters operating in Perth at the moment, and a good excuse to apply some overly stylised editing. I’m calling the blend “Sensori” for now… which I’m sure will get me into some kind of legal trouble, but seeing as I’m not selling it I think I might be ok.

More coffee posts on their way. Drink up.

14 thoughts on “Coffee for Unity”

  1. Oh man, that picture is absolutely killer – I quit drinking coffee almost 2 years ago but I’ve been craving it recently, and seeing that picture has made my mouth water!

  2. Time to take it up again Ellie :) Feel free to leave out the sugar though… I think I only really started to appreciate coffee for it’s true flavour when I got over dumping 2 sugars in by default. These days good coffee is a necessary and regular indulgence :)

  3. Coffee for me is an absolute must have. I have learnt so much in the past 18 months about it, how to grind it, store it, the perfect shot and more. I am still learning. There is just something about a hot latte early in the morning while walking around the Sunday markets in Brisbane that is just comfiness. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Coffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!! Love It. Amazing Pic :)

  4. Hey Max, most of my shots are taken with my 50mm, this one wasn’t particularly high shutter speed… I run my espresso shots pretty slowly, so it’s hanging there for a good second or so before it drops.

    CW: trust me, there are many non-coffee fans, and with good reason at the state of what you’re served in many cafes…

    Amelita: Sounds like you’ve got the coffee bug… which whilst not contagious, can cause severe and prolonged periods of caffeine induced spasmodics… Skip the milk and try a double ristretto next time for intensity of flavour and added eliteness.

  5. I have never been a black coffee girl. Probably something to do with watching to many US movies and programmes drinking that drip filter garbage black. I have a great coffee place just around the corner from me. The Coffee Guy. I often get a latte from him for afternoon tea with the kids. The new thing I have learned about storing coffee surprised me. The lovely people at the Good Food Show told me that coffee is temperature sensitive. I always thought it was best kept in the fridge. But apparently in a dark cupboard is the best place. So there ya go. Also you just explained to me why I spas out all the time. LOL

    I have added your blog to my links. I have just bought a lovely new bean that is Guatamalen so I will let you know.

  6. Ahh, don’t let connotations of ‘black’ drip filter coffee put you off espresso… it’s vastly different. Although realistically there is nothing wrong with drip coffee if it’s made from freshly ground high quality beans.

    But freshly pulled espresso is a thing of beauty when done well.

    I would go one step further and say that if you aren’t buying whole beans then you can’t be buying fresh coffee. Once ground, coffee with last about 10 – 15 minutes in the air before dying a horrible stale little death.

    I roast most of my beans at home and then store them bags sealed with a one way valve, that lets the carbon dioxide out but doesn’t let oxygen in. The beans expel a lot of CO2 after roasting, and so it’s best to leave them a few days (depending on the bean), before grinding them just before you make the coffee.

    And yeh, never in the fridge… The moisture content will turn them stale really quickly.

    What sort of gear do you use at home ?

  7. Looks like a nice dark shot there Matt – haven’t tried blending from to roasters before, but they are the best two in Perth. I was pleasantly surprised by the coffee up at ‘Sea Salt’ in Two Rocks today – worth a visit I reckon. They are using 5-senses on a two-group Faema.

  8. Hey Grendel,

    I’m guessing being a crazy home roaster means you’d never need to blend from other people… for me it was more boredom and the fact I had lots of beans sitting around that needed to get used up.

    I can’t say I get up to Two Rocks on a regular basis, but I’ll be sure to check out Sea Salt if ever I do… Don’t see many Faema’s around these days… although I think it’s time for a little different of blends for cafe’s using 5 Senses, as they have such a long list of blends it could be anything…

  9. I have a Breville cheap but hard working 15 bar expresso machine and a cheap but hard working Breville Grinder. I am about to invest in a Sunbeam Burr Grinder and a Kitchenaide Expresso machine. But I want to make sure I am making the right choice, so I am holding back until I have all the info and I am definate about my choice. I try all different coffee. If I see a new grower that’s local I will give them a go. At the moment though I am really enjoying a Guatemalen coffee from Zaraffas. Still I am only new at this coffee obsession, so I am figuring it out and discovering slowly. Check out my post on The Coffee Guy on my blog.

  10. Hey Amelita… I hate to be the person who tells you this… but it happens on everyones travel of coffee knowledge… I got told it a few years ago and hated it… but then I moved on. There is no ‘x’ in espresso… and referring to ‘expresso’ machines is a kind of faux pas in coffee geek circles.

    Secondly…the Sunbeam burr grinder is quite good for it’s price, some say a category killer in the below $200 market of grinders… so probably a very good choice… Not so sure on the KitchenAid machine… I’d do some more research on that one if I were you, and look into either the new Sunbeam EM6910, or the good old Rancilio Silvia (really hard to beat personally).

    Good luck on the journey.

  11. Yes I know TYPO very bad girl. I will give myself the cane later. Cheeky Monkey! I agree I have heard alot of good things about the Sunbeam machine. So I am considering it. Yes noone knows much about the Kitchenaide and that concerns me. I love my mixer though.

  12. What a neat photo! The espresso looks so dark and rich. Congrats on getting the drops in actions, and winning the aesthetics category for DMBLGIT.

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