Oven Baked Dhufish with Lemon Cream Sauce

about to be oven baked dhufish

First off, I know… I’ve been slack. But this crazy season leading up to Christmas, coupled with a little change of timezone for Western Australia means I’ve been really busy. Not Y2K busy, but still taking all the necessary precautions to make sure that the world doesn’t end for any West Australians around 2am on December the 3rd…

So now the prerequisite excuses are out of the way… it’s time to talk fish… Dhufish to be specific. A beautiful flakey white fish that is delicate yet flavourful while not having the overly fishyness that puts many people off.

I picked up a whole fish, minus head, tail, and guts, from the nice people at Atlantic Seafood (which I’m hoping is not where they get it all from), on William St in Northbridge. Having no idea what to do with it, but realising I had no interest in filleting it and picking out all the bones. I figured baking it in the oven as cutlets and forewarning Sharon of the impending choking hazard was a good way to go.


Cut up the fish into nice thick cutlets, season with olive oil, salt, and pepper, slice up a few lemons and good handful of coriander. Heat the oven to 180C and layer the sliced lemon in a baking dish. Put the fish cutlets on top, and then another layer of lemon and the coriander. I then splashed a bit of verjuice around the dish as well, not sure if it made any difference or not, but I figured it couldn’t hurt, and I’ve been mad keen on verjuice ever since using it recently for my chermoula snapper.

Into the oven for about 20 minutes or so, turned once, and we’re ready for the plate.

I served the fish with a warm kipfler potato salad that went quite well.

Once the potato salad and fish were plated, I took the baking dish, which was now covered with a layer of baked on bits of fish, lemon, and coriander. I deglazed the pan over heat with some white wine and fish stock, and the juice of all the lemon slices, then let it reduce slightly and then stirred through
some double cream.

Strain out the pips and dodgy bits through a sieve, and we’re good to go. Some of obligatory dodgy presentation and it’s a meal fit for a king… And what’s more… not one choking situation ! The lemon juice came through the sauce really well… so make sure you add plenty if you decide to give it a run. And do keep an eye on the fish, it will go from juicy melt in mouth to dry as the Kalahari in a very short space of time.

Just the kind of dish for a hot summer night, with a crisp glass of unwooded Chardonnay to take the edge off.

oven baked dhufish cutlets with lemon and coriander

7 thoughts on “Oven Baked Dhufish with Lemon Cream Sauce”

  1. Mmmmm, Dhufish, sounds yummy. I am making Christmas lunch this year for about 7. Tamiko is a vege but she eats fish. I might do this one for her. Is there a lot of bones and does it make for a ‘challenging’ eating experience. PS – I am booked on a flight for the Feb wedding. See you then little bruv!! Might be checking your site for some christmas ideas. We are having duck as the main meat. Any ideas? Remember, it is cold here in old blighty and we need winter warming food.

  2. Mm, no idea what dhufish is but I’m really hungry now. It’s only 11 am here… lunch isn’t until 1… what to do, what to do. Eat a clementine! That’s what I’ll do.

  3. I found some dhufish over here in Victoria many years ago. I still remember how good it was, but sadly I haven’t seen it since. Guess it must one of the pleasures of the West!

  4. OK WOW!!! Another gorgeous blog for me to sink my teeth into. Looking forward to reading ALL of your entries, past , present and future. And maybe even trying some recipes…if I’m feeling brave that particular day.

  5. Sister A: I have plenty of great duck dishes, just search around and you’ll find them. My favourite way is to rub the duck breasts with lots of spices and pan sear in butter them til they are medium rare… delicious. Sounds like I might be cooking dinner on the night after the reception…

    Yvo: Dhufish is a fish. A white fish even… from the sea. And around these parts. That being the greater West Australian coast line, they are amongst the finest tasting fish you are able to catch. Enjoy your clementine though. Oh my darling indeed.

    Neil: Next time I find some I’ll send you over a fillet or two… although I think the magic might be lost by then…

    Reya: Thanks for filtering yourself through :) Looking forward to hearing more from you…

    Jules: I’m not sure if it does go by any other names, but if it does, I’m sure it would still be as sweet. I have a feeling though this species is native mostly to WA. Bit of fishy info here: http://www.fish.wa.gov.au/docs/pub/fishcards/dhufish.php

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