Where to buy fresh yeast ?

To the person who’s searching my site looking for where to buy fresh yeast in Perth, i can direct you to a great little shop in the Dog Swamp Shopping Centre in Yokine, i can’t remember what the shop is called, but the lady who owns it is called Jan, and she sells a whole range of bread making supplies and equipment, as well as some really good fresh yeast.

I’ll try and find more details.

Drop a comment if this is you.


** Update **

Just saw someone searching for this again. The place to check out is call “All About Bread“, they have a shop in Osborne Park, another in Marangaroo, are supply the aforementioned kitchen supply store in Dog Swamp Shopping centre in Yokine with a whole range of excellent specialty flour and yeast and bread making paraphenalia.

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  1. Hi Evert,

    I have the same question about fresh yeast in Sydney. Did you find any shop where they sell it? I come from Europe and need the fresh yeast. Please let me know on my email address on martinab@iinet.com.au. Thank you. Martina

  2. I have found some at Cyril’s deli, near Hay and George St in the CBD. But it’s frozen, and liquifies when thawed – and that place is NEVER open anyway!!

    This is a serious problem in Sydney. Used to be able to get it by the block at the most basic supermarkets in Canberra. So why the heck is it so hard to find in a city 8 times the size?!

  3. Alex, I agree about Cyrils’s .I used to go there for yeast. It wasn’t always fresh but usable. Since they started freezing it it’s completely ruined and turns into liquid like you said. I have bought fresh yeast at the deli downstairs at Chatswood Chase, but this was two years ago. If anyone knows of anywhere I can buy it around the Sydney city and inner west area please let me know. I am getting desperate as Xmas won’t be the same without saffron buns… dry yeast just won’t do the same job.

  4. I know this is an old post but with recent comments but I’m trying to find who sells fresh yeast on the gold coast in qld.
    Would be grateful with any info at all.

  5. Carrie, not quite City or inner west, but I’ve found some in Randwick. There’s a deli place near Food for Less in the Royal Randwick Shopping Centre.

  6. I forgot to add that I’ve since found some at Norton St Grocer in Leichhardt. They have it in the deli section, just ask for it!

    1. Thank God Lori… I thought this entire post was going to be hijacked by people over East…

      Good to know fresh yeast is still available when you knead it. (bom! bom!)

    1. You can get fresh yeast at Charlie’s Delicatessen, 37 New Canterbury Rd, Petersham NSW 2049. Phone them and they will put it aside for you. 02 9560 4037.


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