Jaws Mint: Gourmet Sushi

Jaws Mint:  Gourmet Sushi Jaws Mint:  Gourmet Sushi

Sushi, one of those foods that people claim to love so much, and then quickly ruin it by saying “but I hate raw fish, it makes me gag”. I am not the worlds biggest sushi or sashimi fan, but I do love the simplicity and the gentle philosophy of Japanese food, which for me is embodied by the notion that quality and freshness of produce will beat any amount of preparation.

A single slice of high quality sashimi grade tuna or salmon needs nothing else to make it a taste sensation.

The people at Jaws Mint understand this concept. With the sushi train in the former Hoyts movie theatre in the city closed down, and the other sushi train in the Hay St Mall buzzing with a considerable throng of daily devotees, Jaws Mint is the newest shop to enter the Jaws empire.

Situated on the corner of Hay St and Hill St in the city, and directly opposite the Perth Mint, it’s a return to a more classic style of sushi experience. With a series of small tables and long bar running almost the length of the restaurant, behind which a solitary chef pretends to prepare dishes for everyone.

The real work however, happens out the back. Behind a tantalising curtain glimpses of furious activity can be seen as sushi and sashimi is sliced and served, and piping hot pots of chawan mushi are delivered to tables with customary warnings that you will burn yourself (and you will).

The menu is simple but well featured with enough styles of dishes to keep things interesting for everyone. There’s even a tasting menu for the less adventurous, to provide a structured overview into good Japanese eating.

Whilst initially disappointed that we wouldn’t be going to the sushi train, with it’s infinite novelty. My dinner companions for the evening were soon placated with a stack of very tasty dishes. We had some beef tataki ($15), some chicken kaarage ($9), some chawan mushi ($5?) (yes i did burn myself), some tuna sushi rolls, and a couple of 17 piece sets of nigiri sushi ($35).

Jaws Mint:  Gourmet Sushi

Of course, I don’t seem to be able to go to a restaurant like this without making life difficult for the waitresses. I confuse them, ask questions that aren’t on the script, order too much food, and generally cause problems. What this meant is that instead of receiving all of our food, we got half of it. Which was probably enough anyway. Eventually the rest of the food came and we enjoyed it all. I felt a little disappointed that sitting at the bar didn’t give me any more opportunity to be entertained or watch the action of the kitchen though… and I got more and more suspicious of what exactly was going on behind the curtain as the night went on.

In the end though, the food was great, and the service was polite and giggly with a hint of apologetic (as you’d expect of a Japanese place).

If you’re looking for something a little upmarket in the form of a traditional sushi bar, Jaws Mint may be just the spot.

Jaws Mint Restaurant – “Gourmet Sushi”
323 Hay St, East Perth
Phone: 9225 4573
Mon – Sat: 6pm – 10pm


16 thoughts on “Jaws Mint: Gourmet Sushi”

  1. Matt,

    I’m a fan of Jaws, so this sounds like a place to visit.
    It’s a pity there are no really high end / excellent Japanese restaurants in Perth. It seems like a gap in the market, that is ‘flooded’ with many so so Japanese options.

  2. I absolutely ADORE sushi and sashimi – and I REALLY do. In fact, I am going out for sushi this evening. I seriously crave it on a daily basis! This looks delicious and very pretty too.

  3. I love sushi. I’ve never heard anyone claim to love sushi but hate raw fish. That’s just bonkers!

    I eat any sort of sushi. I am trying to avoid tuna because it’s an endangered species but must say it tastes pretty good.

  4. Mate, I must admit I laughed out loud at the “half the food arrived” comment. You described it so well I could just picture the situation. Your blogs are incredibly informative AND entertaining. Always a great read. Cheers!

  5. i do agree, jaws mint is good a definite cut above the rest of the jaws chain. i am surprised that u say the sushi was prepared out the back, when i have been there it has been prepared behind the counter (but in full view) by the sushi chef.

    their unagi is among the best ive had in perth when, actually probably is the best eel ive had in perth, along with the eel and rice u get at kiri in shenton park.

  6. Don’t know if we will ever go there to try since the man isn’t a big fan of sushi, but looks worth trying out when I’m out in the city one day.

    Love your pics.

  7. If you are holding a Birthday, NEVER go there!! Boss doesnt like u blowing ur cake n eating ur cake there!He’ll throw you out.Food portions are small n EXP!!Food taste no different to the revolving sushis u find. Its an overrated restaurant.
    Green tea cost $2 tats ok BUT u have refills it’ll cost u $2 each refill!! Ridiculous cost!!

    Other better Japanese restaurant:
    FUJI at Vic Park
    Authentic Jap at Langford
    Nine Fine Food at Northbridge (BEST fusion)

  8. Nice presentation and fresh. Portion is OK, but food is PRICEY – Pricey for the WORST services provided.

    Jaws Mint has the worst service ever. Yes, I mean THE WORST EVER!! Waitresses are not very attentive and not very friendly. The boss showed his angry face because he didnt like his customers (us) to blow candles and cut birthday cakes at his restaurant, after we spent $1k that night.

    EXTREMELY disappointed with their BAD services and attitude. Will NEVER GO BACK AGAIN

  9. Food was excessively over-priced for the quality and quantity provided. Being of Asian decent and having lived in Asia for 20 years, I felt cheated. I have tasted better tasting japanese food cooked by chinese chefs.

    One of those restaurants that doesnt give good value for $ and the quality is very average. I have found another restaurantuer in Perth that is cheating their clients for excessive prices over simple food while calling it fine dining. Please revert your $ somewhere else. Fuji in Vic Park would be the better choice and better service.

  10. oxs0sxo foodlover “mastercritic” It’s fairly obvious you all came from the same place on the same night. My advice to you would be to go talk to the restaurant owner or manager about it, don’t come onto my blog with your petty little issues. If you want to bring a cake to a restaurant, generally you ask if that’s ok first.

    The dining experience I had at Jaws Mint was nothing like what you experienced, and the food was of an excellent standard and the price was reasonable compared to any of restaurant of that style.

    So I’m not entirely sure what you hope to achieve by posting comments like this here, but if I’d suggest you take your cake elsewhere, because I don’t want it here either.

  11. Since Matt’s review, I have visited Jaws Mint at least 3 times and each time I have been very impressed. There are some quirks – serving the white wine glasses chilled, and the limited dessert selction for instance, but the redeeming feature has is the food – especially the starters and also the smallness and intimacy of the place.

  12. Well Matt, its not really petty little issues. We were utterly dissapointed because we brought the cake and the waitresses helped us kept it in the fridge happily~! When its almost time to cut the cake, PLATES and FORKS for the cake were laid out on the table! THEN, it all happenned, the BOSS told us off, to not cut the cake and leave the restaurant, is that how u treat ur customers?
    Also, Green tea that costs $2 and no whatsoever mention in the menu that each refill was $2 as well~!
    We thought you had a blog so that patrons can let the others know the truth about some restaurants, but if you do not appreciating us letting others know about their treatment to customers then thats ok~!
    I hate to see another Birthday party RUINED =p
    If you like Japanese food, you should go Nine Fine Food at Beaufort, its the best~!

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