East side

Prerequisite Tourist Shot

So yeh… if I hadn’t told you, or completely forgotten to mention it… I’m in Sydney !

Sharon and I have jetted over for a week and will be sampling as many of the sights and sounds and tastes as we can before returning to reality in Perth next week sometime.

What this means is that if you’re trying to get hold of me I may not answer my phone, and unless I can find a few more places like the ever gracious State Library of NSW with free internet access, I may not be replying to much email either. I may try and get some photos up and a few quips about how I’ve found the place so far… but for now, my only piece of advice is to avoid the $30 tapas plate with complimentary jug of sangria at Bar Luca in the CBD… however cheap and tempting it may seem to someone who hasn’t eaten in over 15 hours….

Later homies.

9 thoughts on “East side”

  1. Sounds great. So much to do, so little time. . .
    Second Amelita’s recommendation of the Sheraton buffet – it certainly shames all buffets in Perth.

  2. Thanks for the tips guys, will see if we get there… so much to do, so little time :)

    Jules, we’ll be in touch shortly… when I work out what the hell we’re doing… :)

  3. Wow! I wondered if you’d ever make it here to the far east… If you brought a big bankroll with you, it’s worth trying to get a table at Tetsuya’s, but you might not have enough time to get a reservation. If you’re stuck for coffee advice, let me know.

  4. Someone over here in Singers told me the best cafe in Sydney was Cafe Campos in Newtown.

    It was hilarious running into someone here so far away telling me about a cafe :)

  5. Thanks guys… We’re heading to Newtown today, and are gonna check out Surrey Hills as well… was planning to hit Campos at some point… Also on the list are Single Origin, Mecca, and a few others I’ve forgotten.

    Don’t think we’ll make it to Tetsuya’s this time around, as there’s apparently a couple of month waiting list… but there’s plenty of great places in Surrey Hills and in the city that we wanna try…

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