#Foodography 7 – Wine & Bottle

Prunotto Dolcetto D'Alba 2003

Just a quick post. I recently entered one of my photos into the Foodography group on Flickr, which is run by Sam of Becks & Posh, and Andrew of Spittoon, and Andrew was kind enough to link to my photo on Slashfood. The theme this month was Wine and Bottle. So basically take a photo of a glass/vessel/mouthful(?) of wine, along with the bottle it came in. I played around for a little while and was super happy when this one came out so nicely.

Oh yeh…and the wine was great. It’s a 2003 Dolcetto D’Alba, by Prunotto. Lovely drinking, and went sublimely well with my humble spaghetti and meatballs… which I shall post up soon.

Ok, thats all…carry on :)

2 thoughts on “#Foodography 7 – Wine & Bottle”

  1. WOW. Nice shot!
    The new camera seems to be agreeing with you. I have been wanting to upgrade my G2 forever.
    You may have inspired me to quit spending so much money on wine.
    My liver thanks you.

  2. Cheers Collin. Not that I take much comfort in making you think about drinking less… But excellent photos will last longer than any hangover… Think of it as an investment in the future :)

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