Beef & Red Wine Ragout: Video Vanity

So for now here is the next episode in the egotistical world of my video blogging adventure.

Feel free to skip watching the video, as it’s basically 5 minutes or so of me cutting up vegetables and then throwing them in a pan. For those less inclined to listen to direct requests, or who have a particular love of 90’s French house music… then play on !

Here’s some photos in the meantime.

Family dinner

Beef & Red Wine Ragout

Beef & Red Wine Ragout

4 thoughts on “Beef & Red Wine Ragout: Video Vanity”

  1. Hey Ange, thanks for reassuring me that my tastes aren’t outdated yet :) I was trying to get some chopping technique in there, but really concentrating on not chopping my fingers off…

    And Sue… “Might do a video sometime soon of something” is perhaps the vaguest term ever to appear on this website… I’ve heard better lines after utterly disastrous first dates… Get in that kitchen and start recording ! :)

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