Yes, I have been lazy… No real excuses either, other than the fact that I haven’t been cooking a lot of what I’d call gourmet quality food lately.

I did make quite a tasty meal for Dan and Mabes recently, but we were too busy talking and eating to take any photos.

I also promised to write up some of the new green coffee beans I received last week, but i’ve been more interested in roasting and drinking it… Misplaced priorities indeed.

For now, here’s a photo of tasty Saffron Chorizo Risotto i made recently. It’s basically the same recipe as my other risotto recipes, except that I add a few strands of saffron in along the way to give some nice colour and flavour. I think once you’ve got the risotto base down pat, you can really do whatever the hell you want with it.

eat me... it sang


P.s – i think i bought a house.

2 thoughts on “Lazy”

  1. Risotto is so versatile. It is a great dish to have in your arsenal. You can adapt it to any meat too. I recently made a morel risotto that was great.

    I love the p.s. You are so cavalier.

  2. Hey Collin,

    I’m generally too busy being nonchalant and obtuse to even be aware that I’m cavalier, but thanks :)

    I love a good risotto. You can go from fancy dining to comfort food and everywhere in between just by changing a few ingredients and stock.

    Can’t say I’m the worlds biggest mushroom fan… I think i was scarred for life after being forced to get up at the crack of dawn and go looking for field mushrooms with Dad when I was little. Only to have him cook them up into Mushroom soup. But I’m slowly coming around again via Sharon’s obsession with Enoki and Shitake.

    Incidently morel is the state mushroom of Minnesota.

    So i guess you are not alone in liking it :)

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