Honey Braised Rack of Pork with Kipfler Potato Salad

I’m not the biggest fan of pork, but occasionally like to dabble with it. This is one of my more successful dabblings.
The only rule i’ve learnt is that honey and pork go well together (i got that mostly from the fact that most pork flavoured snacks also contain some form of honey flavouring). So it must be a match made in heaven… because this was delicious.

Recipe to follow… but for now, note the use of Kipfler potatoes in the salad… tres yummy.

6 thoughts on “Honey Braised Rack of Pork with Kipfler Potato Salad”

  1. Why don’t you consider yourself a fan of the pig? I think pork (especially fillets) are an under rated cut of meat. I love nothing better than a pork fillet cooked on the BBQ that has been marinated in chilli, garlic, soy, honey, olive oil and red onion. What’s not to like about tender, juicy, tasty meat with no gag-inducing fat deposits? YUM! Although I should mention that I only came to like pork as an adult (as a kid I was decidedly anti-pork)… only got turned on to it by the love of my life who is a great cook. I know there is a really bad gag in there – you know, “learning to enjoy pork from a lover”… but I’ll just leave it there. Ahem. Thank you.

  2. Hey Natalie,

    I think the whole pig flesh tasting like human flesh just gives me the jibblies… But i make an exception every now and then if it’s cooked well.

    As for “gag-inducing fat deposits”, and to paraphrase Homer Simpson “Non-delicious fat…There is no such thing !”… Gristle on the other hand is another matter… My steaks must be gristle free or there is hell to pay !

    I have a joke about pork sausage too… but likewise… we’ll leave it there :)

  3. I’ve actually never thought about pork tasting like human flesh before. You do realise that I am never going to be able to eat pork again without that scene from the film ‘Alive’ flashing through my head (you know, the one where the plane has crashed in the snow and those soccer players who survive the crash have to eat their friends’ buttocks or starve to death). Mmmm… human buttock…

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