Kipfler Potatoes

Kipfler Potatoes (by Abstract Gourmet)

Apparently people have been coming to my page looking for ‘Kifler’ potatoes. Well i had inadvertently spelt ‘Kipfler’ wrong in an earlier post, and so i thought i’d best correct the matter, as well as give those hardcore kipfler fans out there the real deal.

Kipfler (or German Finger Potato) are a waxy potato, finger shaped with creamy-coloured flesh. They are great boiled, steamed and in potato salads and look awesome for presentation purposes.

They just scream out to be sliced in funky angular type patterns, and i always feel a little guilty chopping them into chunks to boil them up. You can find my other uses of Kipfler potatoes by clicking the recipes catgerory in the menu.

If you’re one of the people who’s been looking for Kipfler potatoes and got here somehow, please let me know by leaving a comment.

Check out the related posts below to see recipes i’ve made that use Kipfler potatoes.

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  1. I baked them, and quite surprised they are not too bed at all, a little floury, think they might be ok 3 parts cooked, and marinated in some oil and garlic, herbs and finished on the bbq, try that next time

  2. Found your blog after gooleing kipfler, going to try these little spuds in a crok pot roast
    Stewart Kingaroy Qld

  3. These gems are best used in potato salads of all sorts…steam them then let them cool a little, the skin peels off easily and you are left with creamy morsels of delight.

  4. I want some way to get these spuds without travelling into the affluent suburbs.
    Western Potatoes pays growers based on tonnage and grade. So most of WA’s potatoes are high-water content Delaware or Nadine, which are crappy for most purposes except death by mashing.
    These varieties are not sold outside of WA.


  6. Hello Anna,

    I grow them and undoubtedly they are best steamed and used in potato salads. Absolutely scrumptious.

  7. I bought kipfler potatoes for the first time after seeing them used on Ready-Steady-Cook – but with no knowledge on how to cook them! I looked on Google, and found your page!

  8. Hi Matt,
    am not very good at googling but came to your site immediately after I typed in “kipfler”, as I have never eaten these type of spuds before and wanted to find out what they are good for and how to cook them. Will let you know how I got on. Thankyou :)

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  10. Thought they must’ve been imported or genetically modified. Thanks. Wondered where they originated. I buy them in Coles/Woolworths. Nicer than any other potato mashed. They also make awesome french fries.

  11. Have I missed something? I can see plenty of blog messages but can’t find recipes for kipflers on your site. I’ll have to make something up. We’re having them with slow roast pork belly and a red cabbage and apple side dish. In the UK you can buy cocktail size kipflers that are just great. I think they’re grown in France.

  12. Thanks for the info on Kipfler potatoes. Came across it looking for info on them. I like the site. Plenty of good ideas for a home foodie that likes to dabble in everything. I’ve got a great recipe for minikins (mini pumpkins) if your interested. simple, easy and very tasty. i’m also looking for a good easy to use site for mixed drinks/cocktails, do you know any?

  13. Hi Jean,

    You did miss something, but it wasn’t your fault. I used to have a list of related posts with kipfler related recipes there. But it’s since disappeared.

    You can find the list of dishes I’ve made with kipflers here though:

    Andrew, feel free to send along your minikin recipe, though I’m not sure i’ve ever seen minikins available in stores or markets here. Don’t know too
    many sites specifically for cocktails, but I’m sure a quick google blog search will help you out.

    Check out for a series of well run blogging events based on cocktails.

  14. Hi all,

    Coles Supermarkets in NSW (St Marys Coles definitely) currently have Kipfler Potatoes on sale for $2.98 a kilo this week. What do you do with it?

    I love this potatoe and first came upon it in Australia at Flemington Markets a couple of yrs ago for around $7 a kilo, but first tried it when I was young kid and living in Germany.

    Regarded as a gourmet potatoe, it is one of the best. There is nothing this strangely shaped spud isn’t good at, if cooked in the right way. I love this spud mashed, roast, salad etc., it is to die for in a german style potatoe salad with apple.

    One potatoe that rates way above alot that you buy off the shelf in any supermarket.

  15. Have heard great things about this potato so when I saw them at Coles the other day I bought some to try. I wasn’t sure how to cook them so googled ‘kipfler potato’ and came across this site. I ended up boiling them and then browned them with a bit of olive oil, salt and cracked pepper under the grill. YUMMO!
    Great site too Matt!

  16. Was reading Not Quite Nigella, an Australian blog, and she mentioned Kipfler potatoes. I’ve never seen them called that here in the Pacific Northwest and had to search to find out what they are. You were my number one Google result!

    Anyway, the potatoes look delicious, and your blog looks really interesting so I’m going to poke around a bit.

  17. Planted Kipflers (1.5kg)in September and harvested today. 300grams of midgets. Soil, temp, water, love all OK. Lots of granny slaiters. What can I do with my 20 or so babies.
    Gooseberry Hill Perth WA

  18. Iought that Kipfler spuds were supposed to be low fat, or something that makes them a better potato to have if you’re on a diet. Can anyone confirm this please

  19. Hi Matt
    Thanks for your findings
    I grow Kipfler myself
    only a few , but Fun
    I cut 1 Potato into 4 pieces and let them dry a little than into the soil,
    that is more Fun than cooking them
    have Fun all of you,
    simona-09 from Yarra Valley VIC

  20. Hello Matt
    The funny thing is , someone from germany asked me , why I make so much fuss about my little Vegiepatch,
    because I dont have much help anymore , I still need to potter around , so I told him about the Kipfler Potato,
    but i had no picture when I surged and found a picture in your web
    thanks again , at least I could tell and show what I meant ,,
    all the best from Yarra Valley VIC*** simona09

  21. My fave way of cooking them is potato salad with a chilli & lime mayonnaise, lots of quartered hardboiled eggs and a big heap of chopped green onions.

  22. Hi Kipfler lovers,
    I work at Anchor Farms in North East Tasmania, Australia. They have been growing kipflers here since 1997. I know they supply Coles stores so if anyone is seeking them they should only have to request them of their local fruit and vege store manager.

    They do organics as well, check it all out at and

    Soon to be launched will be “Spud Express” with nation wide delivery through Australia Post of all thier varieties.


  23. We planted some Kipfler potatoes that we bought in December and chitted (washed until they sprouted) on the kitchen window sill. We planted them in Feb/March and after the leaves died down we harvested them in the first week of May.

    This seems very fast growth and we got half a bucket from only 4 tubers!

    When do they usually get planted and how long do they usually take to yield.

    We are in Southern Victoria.

  24. I bought my Kipflers from Aldi in Katoomba. I love it when I find a food I not tasted so I took them home. I am cooking fish tonight and thought I would cook the Kepflers with it but I just looked at them and wondered then I got on the computer and you site was the first I got to and I was very happy that I did. I will certainly try some of your recipes. Tonight I think I’m going to be a little lazy and steam them along with some sweet potato and jeruslem artichokes, a few knobs of butter and ground pepper, got to go I’m getting hungry….

  25. Following the CSIRO Healthy Heart program. Recipe called for Kipler potatoes and I found your site. Hope I find them when I get to Grocery Store.Sounds like they are worth going to all the produce shops until found!:-)
    We are in Traralgon Victoria. Will be back to check out your recipes! Brenda

  26. Kipflers are the best.

    I cook them in the microwave, two thirds of nomral time. and then cut them in half long ways, brush them with olive oil, sprinkle with rosemary and a pinch of salt and then throw them on the barbecue.
    Perfect! Soft and cooked on the inside, burnt and crunchy on the outside.

  27. Matt
    Please, please, please tell me where I can get kipfler seed potatoes here in Perth I am going to try growing potatoes and might as well start with the Rolls Royce. I made the most awesome bed for them in a wheel barrow the found out its not the right time. Oh well next year and this year I will grow spaghetti squash in it instead.

  28. Today I had my first harvest of 5 Kipfler by accident
    I did not want them right now , but it so happened , the bush was in my way , what a godsend,,
    keep looking,
    yarra Valley greets you,,simona09

  29. In really enjoy the kipfler but I only ever boiled them.
    I came on purpose from Google looking for more ways to enjoy this not so humble “spud”.I wondered where the name came from. I thank you for that information also.
    Regards; John O.C…

  30. Hi I am about 6klm south west of Pambula on the far south coast of NSW and have been growing Kipfler Pots for about 10 years I get certified seed pots from The Diggers Club which is where I first heard of them, they topped their taste test the year I found them. I only use certified seed pots and grow 4 varieties every year in the same bed, they receive the same care as the other varieties and don’t require any special attention. So GO FOR IT. Some Aus states quarantine laws do not allow some plants, Diggers list the states the different plants they cannot send to.

  31. can you offer any explanation as to why Kipfler’s are in limited supply here in WA. We love them as they are the nearest in taste and texture to our old Uk spuds, we have had here in our 3 1/2 years in Wonderful WA.Malcolm.

  32. I just had a look in my Diggers annual and Seed Potatoes are not able to be sent to WA/TAS/Qld from Victoria would be the quarantine laws you probably don’t have some of the diseases we have in the southern states, these laws are there for a good reason. You will have to try and find seed potatoes in the 3 states I mentioned above, Google and see if you can find anything. Good luck, I am digging mine at present I store them in the ground and dig them at intervals so I don’t have to store them. I will have a look and send another message if I find anything

  33. Hi Malcolm
    Just Googled “Kipfler Seed Potatoes WA” and got several sites where they are available for you, also Bintje is another great spud.
    Hope it works out for you

  34. I was simply trying to find out if the potatoes sold in Australia as Kifler or Kipfler, depending on who is spelling (and I do believe that Kipfler is correct) is the same variety that is in Danish called Aspargeskartoffel (meaning Asparagus Potato). That’s how I got here. I grow the little fellows with great pleasure – the only potato in this country I can be bothered to eat, in fact.

  35. I arrived on this page while googling Kipfler Potatoes. I am a new customer to Aussie Farmers Direct and there was a punnet of these strange looking potatoes in my first fruit & veg box. Think I will just wash well and boil to have with my chicken pieces. Thanks, Frances

  36. second spot on google!!! you are doing very well!! Second to whoolies (didnt go there!) love the recepies! thank you

  37. Philly-Gumbo,
    I also googled onto your site Matt. I’ve been a kipfler fan for as long as i care to remember, whenever they are available to me. In particular i enjoy them boiled whole, skin on, drain for a minute or two, roughly dice into good mouthful sizes, lavish with butter and sprinkle to taste with an onion salt!!!!!!! Mmmmmmmmmmmm….mmm!
    I like to try most of the old-world vegies like tubers. I like the idea of boiling until almost cooked through, then frying up crispy in butter and chopped bacon pieces. Outa room. C U.

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