Kipfler Potatoes

Kipfler Potatoes (by Abstract Gourmet)

Apparently people have been coming to my page looking for ‘Kifler’ potatoes. Well i had inadvertently spelt ‘Kipfler’ wrong in an earlier post, and so i thought i’d best correct the matter, as well as give those hardcore kipfler fans out there the real deal.

Kipfler (or German Finger Potato) are a waxy potato, finger shaped with creamy-coloured flesh. They are great boiled, steamed and in potato salads and look awesome for presentation purposes.

They just scream out to be sliced in funky angular type patterns, and i always feel a little guilty chopping them into chunks to boil them up. You can find my other uses of Kipfler potatoes by clicking the recipes catgerory in the menu.

If you’re one of the people who’s been looking for Kipfler potatoes and got here somehow, please let me know by leaving a comment.

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  1. I found the Kipfler mentioned in a recipe on that great site – I will look forward to tracking this spud down.

  2. I like them plain boiled. I prefer Royal Blue for frying. Going back to lack of choice in Oz, I used to live in Albany (presumably near where Sarah works) and I knew a number of potato growers. When I complained about the lack of new potatoes (back then), I was told I could have a sack, otherwise it wasn’t worth his while. Apparently, the varieties (there used to be only 2 or 3) was entirely dictated by the big buyers like McDonalds and the chicken places.

  3. Hi I grew some Kipfler spuds from a few I bought at the supermarket, (great crop). I was googling recipes and found your page. Going to cook some up now!

  4. My husband has just harvested the first of our kipflers – planted originally for fun and to show the grandkids about veggie gardening. Found your site whilst googling for recipes. We live in south east queensland. Some of the recipes sound great….willl be trying some of them.

  5. I had never heard of Kipfler potatoes until I read a mail-box drop brochure from, of all places, Blacktown RSL, advertising their menu from their restuarant called “Eat”. Braised pork belly with crushed kipflers, curried eggplant puree & rocket salad. I googled kipfler and found your site. How interesting! We learn something new every day… and the bonus is that contrary to popular belief, the western suburbs of Sydney does have some class!

  6. Guilty! Im one of those people who got in here googling for kipfler potatoes. Given the challenge to cook Bouillabaise tonight for a couple of friends and one of the ingredients was this. Living in borneo you dont really see that many kinds of off to the market i go..thanks for this will check out your recipe ideas soon. :-)

  7. Well – this is a nice site. I love Kipflers – cut up small and roasted are delicious as they go nice and crispy on the outside which is how I like them. They hold their shape well and therefore are good for boiling.

  8. Hi, I found your site after Googling recipes for Kipfler potatoes. But can’t see your recipes, where are they. I don;t want a salad so what is another good way to cook them. I’m doing them with a slow cooked roast pork. Thanks

  9. I live on the north west coast of Tasmania and would like to know where I can buy Kipfler potatoes.


    1. Hi Sue,
      We supply kipfler potatoes to woolworths all year round, so if your local store doesn’t have them demand they get them in.

      Also Coles can get them if you request.

      Terrence Rattray
      Yum Tasmanian Gourmet Potatoes

  10. I am a fledgling Cookbook Critic for our local newspaper, the Marin Independent Journal in northern California and am reviewing Janella Purcell’s book “Janella’s Wholefood Kitchen”, learning about Australian fruits and vegetables, among other curious indigenous grocery products. In each of my reviews I include several recipes, so I need your advice on substitutes for kipfler potatoes. Will any “waxy” potato, such as Fingerling, Red Jacket, or Yukon Gold potatoes substitute for kipflers?

  11. I love the Kipfler potatoes when they’re in season. Often hard to get so I’m looking at growing my own. I only have a small yard but will give it a try when I can get some with a decent amount of eyes on them.

    I came onto this site just by searching “kipfler potato” into DuckDuckGo. I’m hunting for growing information. Thanks, Matt for your great blog and terrific recipes.

  12. Hi Matt

    I have just eaten my first pot of Kipfler Potato. Only 75 years old. What a treat. Creamy and waxy. All I needed was salt pepper and pure butter. Yummy. Tomorrow I will make my husbands Bavarian Potato Salad with the leftovers and will grate some Celeriac into them with a little Balsamic from Moderna Italy. A little smoked Kassler and some dill pickle, cream and a clove of crushed garlic and dont forget the fresh dill. I will miss food when I die I think.

    Wonderful to find some more potato heads. Thank you for your lovely informative site Matt. Love June

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