3 days in Sydney

So here are a few things that we’ve done so far that have been either worthwhile or noteworthy…

Day 1
– Had a great view of the city from the Harbourview Hotel
– Wandered through The Rocks, found some interesting staircases and a lot of other tourists.
– Had a very average meal at Bar Luca on Phillip Street in the city (with the worst Sangria i’ve ever tasted)
– Still hungry and unsatisfied, made our way to Chinatown (guaranteed to be open late on a Tuesday night) and had dinner 2 at Red Chilli Sichuan.

Day 2
– Went to Cremorne and Mosman and visited Gerardo’s fantastic cafes there (Don Adan, and Don Adan Too)
– Wandered through Kings Cross, to Sharon’s friends place where we are stayed. Checked out some of the more interesting sights that only the Cross can offer.
– Had some extremely tasty lamb cutlets at a restaurant called Lotus somewhere on Bayswater Rd in the Cross
– Went to the institution that is Hernandez Coffee for 24 hour hot chocolates and churros

Day 3
– Hopped a train to Newtown and checked out Campos coffee, had a superb short macchiato
– Had lunch in Newtown at KA Sushi, nothing spectacular but it filled a void.
– Bought a t-shirt from Funky Munky on King St in Newtown, Sharon bought a bag, a dress, a belt… innumerable other things.
– Wandered around finding interesting things to take photos of that didn’t seem to cliched…failed miserably.
– Caught the train back to Central and wandered through Surrey Hills. Found out where Bills 2, Billy Kwongs, and a few other places are for future reference
– Walked from Surrey Hills into the city, stopping briefly for refreshments, before ending up at The Strand, and amusing myself while Sharon slowly made her way through every designer shop she could find.
– Had tapas dinner at the old school, but highly recommended Capitain Torres in the Spanish Quarter… marveled at the fact that there even is a “Spanish Quarter”.

10 thoughts on “3 days in Sydney”

  1. Matt,

    You are the poster child for every man who has had to wait while his girl friend shops! The photo you took was hilarious. (Well it made my chuckle)

  2. Welcome to Sydney Matt..you have visited everyplace I have lived in Sydney…The Cross, Newtown and Surry Hills…Lol… Campos Coffee has the best coffee in Sydney…I get mine there..hope you’re enjoying this great City…great pics again!!!

  3. Hi looks like a great trip. Not sure if you are still there, but Janiene has some recommendations for you.
    A must to visit is Blue Hotel -The Wharf at Woolloomooloo
    6 Cowper Wharf Road,
    NSW 2011,
    Tel: (61 2) 9331 9000
    Fax: (61 2) 9331 9031
    – the cocktails cost a fortune but the hotel is built over the old wharf and has a great feeling. You can sit in the bar and smell the sea water. Near the hotel is a lovely little village area and it has some fantastic restaurants and one in particular is both a deli and a restaurant. Walk outside Blue Hotel turn left past the famous “Pie Cart” over the road and climb up the steps which leads to this hidden area. Blue receptionist will give you all the directions. These are small boutique restaurants probably need a booking to get in but if you go early you might be lucky. Happy dining.

  4. Edward, it wasn’t as bad as all that… plus i’ve been eating my way through Sydney all week now, so a bit of walking around is probably necessary for me not to have gained 20 kilos…

    Rasa, I use the “lightbox” plugin for WordPress to make the pop up boxes, there’s plenty of other similar things around though.

    Peter, we’re loving it… I’ve had a tasting plate of Sydney if you will… sampling the little bits and pieces that make it unique… and so far it’s been very palateable… :)

    Sister A, Janiene: We went down to the Wharf at Woolloomooloo yesterday and had some pies at Harry De Wheels and then wandered around past the restaurants and cafe’s there… Then went to the Art Gallery of NSW for a while, which is right near by… Think we’ve seen about as many sights as we wanted now… so it’ll be relaxing couple of days before heading back to Perth on Wednesday,

  5. Great pics – makes me want to go to Sydney again.

    I met someone when I was in Singers who was a big fan of Campos coffees as well – good coffees travel far ;)

  6. Hey Fer, come on down :) And if ever you need someone to wander around the streets of L.A doing nothing but eating and drinking and taking photos… let me know :)

    Jean, Campos was great, some of the best coffee I had in Sydney. I think the fact that they’re known around the world is another sign of how hard it can be to find really great coffee anywhere… but I think it’s getting better.

  7. Hi Matt … I was browsing through your page and spotted a picture of Keong :-) What a small world.

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