Latte Art Video: A brave new world

Ok, well i’m not sure if this is going to go anywhere or not, but I’m toying with the idea of doing some video blogging… Just short clips of various/random kitchen/food/me getting drunk and falling over comically type things. I’m aiming for somewhere in between Jamie Oliver’s trip to Italy, and the Funniest home video where the guy gets hit in the nuts with a stick.

So as a first effort, here is perhaps one of my crappiest ever efforts at pouring latte art. Not helped by the fact that I had to hold my phone with one hand, and normally use it to tilt the cup towards me a little… But no excuses…

So there you go… Video blogging… Feel free to let me know if this is in any way amusing/interesting/helpful/cathartic, and I may or may not continue.

To infinity and beyond !

6 thoughts on “Latte Art Video: A brave new world”

  1. Lol, very amusing! What’s the banging at the start though?!
    I think it is a good idea, I will be keeping an eye on what you get up to!!

    Btw, nice patio/outdoor kitchen! Very cool!


  2. Cheers Simone, I’ll see what I can come up with… As long as noones expecting much then I might just suprise someone :)

    The banging at the start is to try and get rid of any bubbles on the surface of the milk, and the swirling is to make sure that all the heavier foam gets incorporated, so it’s ideally one nice thickness all the way through.

    This milk was a bit too thick… as you can see by the lack of detail in the latte art… also not helped by my dodgy pouring.

  3. Great demo. I’ve never really watched closely before howw this is done. did a coffee thing also but it went on for 20 mins or something; shorter is better. Maybe if I can persuade my camera woman I’ll try some anarchy with video.

  4. Excellent work, now I know how the artwork is created! Looking fwd to more videos, esp the drunken ones as promised, ha ha

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