Egg Week – Poached Eggs on Sweet Potato Mash

Poached Eggs on Sweet Potato & Spinach Mash

Well egg week continues here at Abstract Gourmet. Lazing around last night, wallowing in my own little world of ennui, and too lazy to cook a “proper” meal. I once again turned to my new favourite book of the moment, Eggs, by Michel Roux.

This recipe was supposed to be called “Herby Poached Eggs in Mousseline Potato Nests”. Problem was I was running low on potato, and so I made the executive decision to give sweet potato a run. This was easy as pi (3.14159 26535 89793 23846 26433 83279 50288 41971 69399 37510…). Boil some sweet potato in salted water until its soft. Drain, mash, add butter, mash again, add a little milk, some baby spinach, and some parmesan, mash again. Stop.

Cook two poached eggs to perfection, make a little mound of mash on your plate and put a hole in the middle, drop the eggs in and top with a sauce or stock reduction of your choice. I choice to reduce a little of my home made chicken stock with a stick of butter and a touch of corn flour. Then a little cracked pepper and we’re done.

Poached Eggs on Sweet Potato & Spinach Mash

4 thoughts on “Egg Week – Poached Eggs on Sweet Potato Mash”

  1. Yes… cut and paste from wikipedia is tricky :) My nerd skills run out at about 8 decimal places… It’s my secret nerd shame.

  2. Umm.. good ?

    Well the stock reduction was nice over the eggs and mash…and then I kind of incorporated a little bit of tasty yolky eggness into each mouthful… quite nice I thought… and not bad for a slacker meal that I was going to skip altogether.

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