Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict

My first successful attempt at making hollandaise sauce. This one came from Michel Roux’s Sauces (actually its in both his Egg’s book, and his Sauce’s book), but the recipes are identical. Basically white wine vinegar, water, and white peppercorns into a pan, reduce volume by a third. Let it cool. Stir in 4 egg yolks… put it back over a low low heat until it starts to thicken up. Now when its got a nice thick creamy consistency, take it back off the heat and gradually add clarified butter until you’ve got the taste and consistency you want. Season with salt to taste, and add some lemon juice just before serving.

The poached eggs are getting better by the day… the method keeps on getting perfected every time and I’ve got a kind of cross between the whirlpool method and the simmer over bubbles method that has been giving me great shape and perfect consistency inside.

So… toast some turkish bread loaves, cook some bacon… Layer the bacon on the loaves, put the eggs on top, wilt some baby spinach in a pan with a little butter, and then put that on top. Smother the whole thing with freshly made hollandaise.


Eggs Benedict

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  1. so jealous. this looks delightfully delicious. I never make my own hollandaise, or poached eggs, for that matter, but yours looks so lovely i want to try.

  2. nice work matt….like your photos…do you think the freshness of your eggs has anything to do with the poaching success or is it the technique?? somthing that i’m still yet to master

  3. hey Sid, please try… I’d love to see some of your efforts :)

    hey Jules, I find using fresh eggs is better because the white seems to be more firmly attached to the yolk when eggs are very fresh, and it makes the whole process of poaching that much easier when the white clings to the yolk and envelopes it nciely. The method is great in general though… and I think it will be my standard method from now on.

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