Good Friday

Oven Baked Barramundi

Really what can’t be good about a day when you get to invite you friends over, cook delicious food, drink delicious wine, and sit around getting merry and full. Yes ok… Jesus did die… But he did have a pretty tasty last supper from all accounts.


So the menu consisted roughly of:

Flamed tomato salad with garlic and basil (cooked on BBQ)

Halve tomatos and season with olive oil and salt and cracked pepper, then fry them on the bbq grill, splash a little olive oil over them for firey fun… and when they’re nice and soft but not falling apart, toss them in a bowl with a clove or two of crushed garlic and fresh chopped basil.

Chilli Mussels (4 kg of the suckers)

Chop some tomatoes, chillis (im using these little bullet chillis at the moment which have been severely messing me up in a good way), garlic, red or white wine (i use red of course), tomato passata.

Throw the mussels into a wok/pan/vesitibule and get them hot. Add the garlic and wine, and get it simmering away, and when the mussels start opening, throw the chilli and tomato stuff in too, and let it all soak in.

Oven Baked Barramundi (Good Friday after all, my inadvertent display of abstinence)

Really simple. Find lots of herbs. I used dill, bay leaf, parsely, stuff it into the fish with some butter, lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper. Then pour a little white wine in the bottom of the pan, cover in salt, cover the pan with foil, and put it in the oven.

Potato/Chorizo/Mint salad (from my tapas post a while back)
Potato Salad (by Dan, with Egg!, Recipe-SVP)
More Kebabs
Flame grilled turkish bread with olive oil, beetroot dip, roast capsicum pesto.

4kg of Mussels

I was also fortunate enough to have some wine lovers around, and could find an excuse to crack my bottle of Cloudy Bay Gewurztraminer (i’ve probably spelt that wrong). It was like a Reisling, but not like a Reisling. Soft on the palate with a lingering sweetness, but not too sweet. I have no idea what I’m trying to describe really, but it was good.

My aspiring photographer friend Mabel took some unreal shots of the mussels and the tomatos flaming it up on the bbq, so i’ll hopefully get those from her soon.

Nights like this are some of my favourite times ever. Lots of food and wine, and good friends sitting around talking, laughing and sharing. It was great.