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The world of blogging is indeed a marvellously serendipitous place. I am constantly amazed by the number of interesting and special people I come across, and am privileged to be able to get to know. The virtual links I’ve established over the years have not only taught me a lot about the way other people live, and eat, but they’ve also made me firm friends around the globe.

One such friend is Karen of Tiny Bites. Back when I met Karen she was a food crazy, salsa dancing, photo snapping, Vancouverite. Merrily uploading her photos to Flickr, blogging about food and life and translating Spanish salsa songs into English.

Every time I’d talk to Karen the subject of food, wine, and restaurants would inevitably arise. We’d discuss the reasons why dining in Vancouver is better than dining in Perth (many) and the reasons why Australian wine (Shiraz especially) is better than BC wine (also many :) ) Seeing all of this effort though, it seemed to me that Karen would be an ideal candidate to start up her own food blog, where she could properly explore and have her own place for all her food thoughts and ideas.

So with a little prompting from myself and a few others, Tiny Bites was born, and Karen has yet to look back. It’s been a year now since she started it, and has just launched a new version of her site, where her popularity and success has led her to move into food consulting full time. She now photographs, writes, and develops web sites for Vancouver restaurants and businesses. She’s been heard on radio, written about in news papers, and surely television appearances can’t be far off :)

So this is just a little note to say, well done Karen, I always knew you had it in you, and I will never miss your birthday :)

5 thoughts on “Not so Tiny Bites”

  1. Thank you so much for having faith in my food writing and photography long before I did. It’s very rewarding to do what I love for a living and much of it is due to your encouragement and mentoring.

    But it’ll be a cold day in the fires below before I agree to your claims of Aussie shiraz superiority!

  2. “But it’ll be a cold day in the fires below before I agree to your claims of Aussie shiraz superiority!”

    Because Vancouver produces great shiraz?

    1. Grendel: I think the truth is more along the lines of Karen’s palate not being accustomed to the bold sensation that can be Australian Shiraz. British Colombia is known to produce some fairly good Pinot and Merlot from what I’ve gathered (or rather what Karen drinks most of ;) )

  3. I’m an Old World gal. Like the softer Syrah and pretty much everything France can throw at me. Plus it’s fun to observe Matt get riled up when I pick on what seems to be one of his favourite varietals.

    To be honest, I’m not totally against Australian Shiraz. Love the reserve Penfolds and the ones from cooler climates. I more object the crap that gets exported en masse to Vancouver. There’s also slim pickings in the middle of the road price point; we either get the Yellowtails or the RWTs.

    Still trying to find a quality bottle that is affordable here…haven’t given up on it yet!

  4. It is kinda weird hearing people talk about Australian wines – like Yellowtail. Sadly the reality of export is that we seem to send a lot of the cheap bulk wines with a ‘Product of Australia’ label when really we should be keeping quiet on just where they came from. If you ever come over to Perth I am sure Matt will make sure you get the very best local wines to sample.

    That said I am rather partial to old world wines myself.

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