Borough Market

Salted beef heaven Jarlsberg perhaps

If you run a food blog, or have even a passing interest in food, and live in or near London, then you will well and truly know what Borough Markets are all about.

They are essentially the food lovers markets of choice for all things different, fancy, organic, local, and artisan, in the area of bread, cheese, meat, charcuterie, hams, seafood, wines, beers, ciders, chocolate, truffles… You name it, someone is probably selling it at Borough Markets.

Anything I have to say about the markets has probably been said before on lots of other sites, but I will say my favourite stand out of all of them was perhaps one of the simplest. Selling nothing other than salted beef (which I guess is the same as corned beef) sandwiches with lettuce and mustard. I ordered one of these and then sat watching the guy heap mountains of delicious beef inside a fresh roll, until I was sure it could fit no more, and then keep going. Pure joy for 4 pounds.

Here’s a few photos of the rest of the markets.

Borough Market

8 thoughts on “Borough Market”

  1. Yup, it is truly one of my favourite London destinations! I must say, I have not had the salt beef roll though, not at Borough anyway, I think I may have had the roll by the same people at the Thames festival though – yummy!

  2. This is always on our priority list when we get to London. Those hand made English farm house cheeses … oh man they are good. And one of the few decent coffees in London just next to the market at the Monmouth cafe.

  3. Matt have you ever had an ostrich sandwich with caramelised onions and cranberries? Yup and of course the Monmouth! Heaven…

  4. Hey Helen, I can see why you like it so much… There’s something at Borough Market for almost everyone. I have dreams about that salted beef now.

    Kam, I didn’t get to try all the cheeses, but they looked great. I had a fair average coffee at Monmouth stall inside the markets, probably should have gone to the actual cafe.

    Svetie, I can’t say i have had ostrich sandwich. I must have missed that stall ?? Maybe next time round :)

  5. Thanks Vanille :) You have some lovely photos on your blog too, I’m jealous that you’re living in my old country of NZ, and that I haven’t been to in far too long…

  6. Funny, this is always on my list of recommendations when people tell me they are headed to London, and yet I can’t remember if I mentioned it to you or not. And yet, there you were.

    And I want that salted beef. Putting my little soup-and-toast lunch to shame!

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