Slow Food – Asado las ovejas

Lamb The matriarch of cool

Take one ram lamb in the prime of it’s youth, one fire stoked up and a pile of hot embers, combine with rosemary and about 5 hours worth of cooking, and you have a recipe for deliciousness.

Add to that a group of wonderful food loving people who all bring things to eat and drink that they’ve either made or produced and you have the makings of a great day.

I’m very lucky to know some wonderful people. People that have introduced me to many great moments of eating pleasure. Ranking high on that list of late are the wonderful people at Slow Food Perth, and in particular their illustrious leaders Jamie Kronborg and Pauline Tresize.

I’ve lately enjoyed a day of truffle extravagance as Slow Food Perth hosted a truffle lunch at the Mundaring Truffle Festival, and then today was fortunate to be invited along for an Argentinian bbq up in the Perth hills.

No words and no time to describe it all, so take a look at the photos for what can only be described as a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Great food, great wine, great people… and 84 year olds wearing novelty glasses who give you hope that maybe you’ll be as cool as them one day :)

My next update will be from Europe… the countdown has begun.

8 thoughts on “Slow Food – Asado las ovejas”

  1. Being a fellow Kiwi the mere mention of the word lamb makes me misty-eyed. These photos are positively fabulous and the writeup’s fabulously positive.

  2. Cheers guys. Nothing like a whole lamb to bring people together… Shame you missed it Alex, and never fear Sharon and Aud, there will be plenty of photos from Europe… my only problem is going to be finding time to upload and write about them in amongst all the eating and drinking :)

  3. Thanks Matt for the great pictures they spoke wonders, how you had time to write it up and get out of Australia amazes me. Have a super time full of taste and excitement

  4. Looks great. I like the collage effect with all of the various food and recipes displayed in a gallery. Keep up the great flow of food info! Will be back and check in more often . . .

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