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Midnight, Northbridge

It’s probably about time I linked up some of the other great local gastro blogs I’ve been reading lately, and that have dropped into my radar. I don’t do enough of it.

Each of these blogs are doing good things, and i find it really encouraging that more people want to start blogs up and share the ideas, recipes, and restaurant tips with the rest of the world. I especially like the fact that people talk about the local scene and what’s going on around them, rather than just bake cupcakes and let other people drool over them. I get the most value out of blogs are locally focused, but with global appeal.

If I’ve missed anyone you think I should have listed, then feel free to drop a link in the comments. For the most part though, it’s blogs I read that are based in Perth, mostly about food, and updated semi regularly.

And so to the list…

Beaufort Street Bloggers : Join the crew as they traverse their way from the start of Beaufort St to the finish, eating at every restaurant sequentially along the way. They’re doing a great service to the greater Beaufort St region and I personally commend them for having the balls to eat at a number of places I would run a mile from.

Palate : Jennifer’s blog is just starting up but looks the goods so far. She gets out to a bunch of local restaurants and scores invites to swanky dinners, which is something I could get used to as well. hint hint people.

Tannic Teeth : Jason is a local wine writer, and when he’s not out doing photography or projecting lasers onto things, he’s the in house wine guy at Spice Magazine. His blog is about restaurants, cafes, and wines he’s tried lately. He does perm his hair, but I don’t hold that against him.

Beyond Beeton: Rachel, who I’m not sure I’m giving anything away by naming here, is taking a leaf out of Mrs Beeton‘s book, and applying her ethos of household management to the modern age. A well fed house is a happy house after all.

And then the old timers (blog wise, not chronologically)

Ace High Wine: Max is a wine writer and semi professional (is that accurate Max?) poker player, having pulled off some great wins recently. He samples a great many wonderful wines and when he’s not too busy meeting deadlines, posts them up on his blog.

Cafe Grendel : My coffee counterpoint and seeker of truth in all things caffeinated. Grendel does a much better job of me lately at getting around the traps and finding good coffee. He also ruminates a lot more than I do, which I think is a good thing. The world needs more rumination, and it’s what blogs are about.

Wino sapien : Edward is my favourite wine blogger, and not just because he swaps small goods for bottles of Clonakilla Shiraz Viognier. He’s been steadily amassing a wealth of wine related knowledge and tasting notes for some years now, and I can always rely on him to have something new and interesting and different to try. If my wine cellar looked anything like this, I would be a happy man.

Spiceblog: When Anthony isn’t running a magazine or changing nappies, he posts tantalising recipes and photos to his blog, with teasingly skant information on how to do it yourself…which I probably couldn’t anyway. His blog was amongst the first ever food blogs in Australia, and is still a wonderful read.

16 thoughts on “Catching up with the locals”

  1. Matt,

    Thanks for the plug. It’s a small world, I’m sure I know the brother of one of the bloggers mentioned and I know I went to school with Anthony. . .

  2. Hi Matt

    Thanks for the mention! We have also been following your blog with interest, and will definitely check out some others on the list we had not heard of until now.

    As you mentioned, there have been some horror restaurants along the way, but finding the unknown gems has been well worth the effort!

    Enjoyed your review of the Hu Tieu Bo Kho at Vinh Hong, we’ll give that one a go between Beaufort Street stops.


  3. Aww thanks for the rap, Matt! As the BSBs said, I’d not heard of several of the other local blogs so it was lovely to scoot around some new sites.

    Thanks again,

  4. Thanks for the link Matt. As you know I have been stalking you (and some others) for a while now. It has been great to check out some blogs I hadn’t seen before too. Now the next thing I need to do is learn how to work the camera – yes, I’m hopeless.

    Disturbing to see even *more* North Perth lawyers though… ;)

  5. Damn, I’m gonna have to start actually posting my foodie stuff, rather than just thinking about it :-)

    In fact, in line with the Beaufort Street Bloggers and inspired by The Worst of Perth I am planning on doing a series of reviews of Perth’s most authentic, least authentic Chinese restaurants.

    Loving your work!

  6. Cookster, that is a bold and courageous challenge. You will be risking a weekly(?) dose of MSG poisoning and a lifetime of bad prawn crackers for the greater good, which is most noble. We know 2 people who ate at every single Thai restaurnt in Perth and it took them around 2 years, 25 extra kgs and a several large sacks of cash to complete the mission. We look forward to reading about yours.


  7. Cheers everyone. I’m glad to be able to do a few virtual introductions. I think it’s a good thing that enough people give a crap about eating well that they’re willing to write it all down…

    Cookster: I wish you well on your travels. I’d suggest start in Maddington at Treasure Palace and then proceeding valiantly onwards… God speed… and don’t forget it’s not special fried rice if their aren’t tiny prawns in it.

  8. Cheers back at you Matt. Do you have some words about your weekend? And did you enjoy Tuber melanosporum? I hear they are usually enjoyable little chaps on account of being Fun-Gi’s

  9. Hi Matt

    Thanks for replying back on my blog about Perth coffee. :) I actually threw out a challenge to Perth Food (and drink) Bloggers that we should meet on a regular basis, which you can read at . Would you like to join us?



  10. Oops, I accidentally pressed the ‘submit comment’ button. What I was going to say was you can read it somewhere on my blog, but you can email us directly or leave a comment somewhere on the blog and I’ll get back to you.

  11. Hey mate, thanks for the love bud. Paid work has meant not as much wine content on AceHighWine as it went into Community (before) and now Scoop, but as Scoop is quarterly, there’s more scope for stuff on AHW.

    And not semi-pro poker player mate, I’m still a casual player, but I have been taking plenty of combined poker/holiday trips this year. Still have to write up dining adventures from Macau/Hong Kong when I get a chance!


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