Melbourne in a nut shell


More to follow.

I’ll hopefully be giving a series on updates loosely based on the following places:

St Ali
Vue Du Monde
Bar Lourinha
7 Grams
Brother Baba Budan
(and a whole lot of bars)

How lucid or useful any of this will be is yet to be determined…

8 thoughts on “Melbourne in a nut shell”

  1. #40 was my choice for tonight, but will definitely go for #31 next time – sound delicious!
    hope you enjoy your cheese tonight…


  2. Just keep waiting folks :) Soon I promise.

    Sarah… #31 is a classic… you will not be disappointed.

    Sharon… umm, lots… in not many. We arrived on Thursday morning and left on Wednesday morning. Which I guess means 6 days in total.

  3. 7 grams is so over rated. Why do they get so much damn press when they push out swill each week? I work in the industry and can tell you from different and unrelated sources from outside the industry that they are rubbish.

  4. Swill ? What the hell kind of comment is that ? I’ve been to 7 Grams and tasted the coffee and if you call it swill, then you’re in the wrong industry. Con is also one of the nicest and most genuine guys you’ll ever meet, so I think he deserves any press he gets.

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