pouring the rum

Oh my God, I can’t believe no one has told me about this before.

lighting the rum

Just sifting through some of Dave’s photos on flickr and came across this set.

careful not to spill any on the table

Feuerzangenbowle is basically German style mulled wine with flames ! You basically make a wine/spice/fruit mixture up in a bowl/pan/fire proof vessel, and then suspend a cone of sugar above it, which you then douse with rum and set on fire.
This so appeals to my pyromaniac tendencies. Too bad I can’t stand mulled wine.

the flames burn brightly

If anyone is interested, here’s a recipe I just found for how to make it.

this is why you use a ladle to pour the rum

8 thoughts on “Feuerzangenbowle”

  1. Fantastic – maybe winter will eventually get cold enough that we can ejoy this! So where do you get the sugar cones from? Anywhere in Perth that you know about?

  2. Hi Tracy,

    To be honest I have no idea where you’d find the sugar cones, but the idea of dousing something in rum and setting it on fire is so enticing I may just have to investigate.

    I can’t think of any specialty German stores, but perhaps the people at Alt Heidlberg might know…

    Hrmm, now I have a mission.

  3. Matt, a customer mentioned them to me a few weeks ago along with Daim chocolates. I’ve found a supplier for Daim, but the sugar cones are still on the list. Let me know if you have any luck.

  4. Hi Tracy,

    So far i’ve tracked down the fact that the sugar cone is actually called a zucker hut (hat of sugar in German), and that they are extememly hard to find outside of Germany.

    Bit of info here

    I’m pursuing a few inquiries at the moment, as the only places I’ve found that sell them online don’t appear to ship to Australia. But I’m sure there must be speciality German stores around that would stock them.

    The search continues.

  5. Hi,

    cafedave’s photos were actually taken at my house!! The Feuerzangenbowle goes really well with roasted chestnuts (they’re starting to be sold now – I found some great ones the other day for 5 bucks a kilo!). Unfortunately, I get my Zuckerhut from Germany – I have reltives and friends who send them to me. But I would love to find out if you can get them here – I haven’t found anywhere yet.

  6. Hi Erika,

    Thanks for the info, and thanks for adding another piece to the puzzle :)

    I’m thinking my next party may just have to have a German theme… there is too much good stuff I’m not up on… dammit :)

  7. I am attempting to make my zuckerhut as like you I cant find them anywhere…..Ihave just made one so we will see tomorrow if I am successful.If you are interested I can let you know how it goes.

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