Mouse Traps

Mouse Traps

Another lazy night, sitting around, drinking, chatting, doing nothing imparticular, and once again it gets to be late at night and all I’ve eaten is half a bag of Nacho Doritos and two bottles of strongbow. So now to find a proper solution for dinner.

I quickly realised that the house was almost completely devoid of any real food, but did manage to find some cheese, bread, and a few grape tomatoes… So the choice was simple… Mouse traps !

Mouse traps were what my family has always called grilled cheese on toast. I have no idea where the name originated, however it’s no great mystery as to why. If i were a mouse i’d find it pretty hard to resist delicious golden grilled cheese oozing over crispy toast as well. Basically if it was Sunday night, and mum couldn’t be bothered cooking for 5 children, mouse traps were what we got.

The stock standard mouse trap was ham, cheese and tomato, however we also experimented with creamed corn, baked beans, spaghetti, and any else you could conceivably make fit onto bread, cover with cheese, and grill.

These literally took 5 minutes to make, including preparation time, and about 1 minute of cooking time under a hot grill.

I pimped mine up with grape tomatos, fresh basil, mozzarella, cracked pepper, and a liberal splashing of extra virgin olive oil.

The ultimate low impact dinner solution.

Cheese on Toast

4 thoughts on “Mouse Traps”

  1. mmm cheese! my favourite new version of cheese on toast includes haloumi. its great pan fried in a little unsalted butter with some tomatoes on the side and then plonked it straight onto some thick seeded bread. the best way to deal with hunger pangs.

  2. Hey Deb,

    Sounds tasty… Reminds me of a bruschetta I used to make that was topped with Kefalograviera (which i think is quite similar to Haloumi) that had been fried briefly in some lemon juice… Unfortunately I had nothing so extravagant for these.

    And Colin… If you said it out loud while you were typing, then you most likely already were high as a lab rat… Get thee to the kitchen and start grating that cheese.

  3. hey matt,

    mousetrap is the perfect name for cheese on toast… in my family we make a version called ‘tiger toast’ you take toast and give it a thin spread of vegemite and then top with thin slices of cheese letting stripes of vegemite show…then bung it under the grill

    would you mind giving me some pointers on wordpress??


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