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Rosa Jamon

** Update **

Rosa and Spanish Flavours have finally moved to their new location at the top end of Oxford St, Mt Hawthorn. They are no longer in the Wembley Food Court. The new premises has the deli section as before with chorizo, jamon, and cheeses, and then on the other side is a cafe where they’ll be serving coffee, churros and breakfasts.

New location is 413 Oxford St, Mt Hawthorn (or close to it, look for the Spanish flag coloured building).

I’ve been telling everyone I know about Spanish Flavours since the first time I found about it myself. It is the only (to my knowledge) Spanish providore in Perth, and more importantly, the only one run by Rosa, the dynamo proprietor and doyen of all things Spanish.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a home cook or an award winning chef who’s been running restaurants for years. Rosa will tell you how it’s done. Her cheeky smile and attitude are what fills the humble little store with life and makes it something special. Just ask a few stupid questions (like I do every time), then sit back and wait to be educated.

Rosa’s chorizo is used all over Perth by the most discerning chefs. You’ll find it on the menu at Cantina with her name attached in homage. I really can’t quite say just how much I love it. There was a phase not so long ago where I think I lived on it for the better part of a few weeks. I’d put it in omelettes, paella, risotto, pasta, grilled, fried in red wine, fried in cider, fried in it’s own luscious fat and juices. Friends and late night visitors to my place will attest to just how satisfying it is to mop up a bowl of Roas’s fried chorizo with a thick piece of bread smothered in butter.

flaming chorizo

Aisde from chorizo, her’s is also the best place to find jamon iberico, jamon serrano, manchego cheese, a delicious goats cheese that the name of which escapes me, quince paste, guava paste, saffron, tortilla flour, smoked paprika, paella pans, cazuelas, paella rice (calasparra), and everything else you need to make your next Spanish dish as authentic as possible.

Also, *plug plug plug* if you’d like to know a little more about the delightful lady that is Rosa and her possible links to the world of gypsy magic and mind reading, check out my article in the latest edition of Spice Magazine, which aside from what I scribble down on napkins and throw at Anthony to print, is a rather quality publication with fantastic local content.

Rosa was kind enough to donate some of her time doing what she loves best (talking) so I could put together a little story about the shop, where she’s come from, and where she’s going.

Jabugo La Jabuguena JamonSpanish Flavours :: Guava pasteSpanish Flavours :: ChorizoSpanish Flavours :: PimentonSpanish Flavours :: Paella seasoningSpanish Flavours :: GuayaquilSpanish Flavours :: Papa CriollaCazuelaJamonJamonSlicing Jamon at Spanish FlavoursSlicing Jamon at Spanish FlavoursSlicing Jamon at Spanish FlavoursRosa from Spanish FlavoursRosa from Spanish FlavoursRosa from Spanish Flavours

Spanish Flavours
413 Oxford St
Mt Hawthorn
(08) 9284 1313 (unless it’s changed)


25 thoughts on “Spanish Flavours”

  1. Hey Silvia, did you not get smile, or did has it just been a while since you’ve been in ? Just seen the new Spice Mag come out now and I’m quite happy with how the photo turned out in print, very Rosa.

    Dan, thanks for the kind words. I do my best to capture what I see. Glad you enjoy it.

    1. Brad, considering I was behind the camera, no eyebrows of mine were harmed during the making of that photo. However most of my arm hairs did slowly disappear that day. Personally I think that burnt hair smell adds character to any meal.

  2. Hi Matt

    Its been awhile since I’ve seen Rosa. Work used to be just around the corner & I frequent the food court.

  3. Ah, so this is the Rosa who supplies chorizo to Cantina. Thanks for the heads up mate! I’m with you, her chorizo is just whole ‘nother level. Juicy, smoky and tied off into perfectly sized links. Will swing past Wembley and check her out.

  4. can you PLEASE remind me to go to this place the next time u see me? considering i am now working on cambridge st it seems kinda careless of me to not have paid a visit to this wonderful looking shop!

  5. Visited this weekend – is it too much to say that chorizo changed my life? No? Seriously that chorizo changed my life!

  6. Hi Matt,
    i think i met you once through PiP:)

    you’ll be happy to know that your article is top of the list of google results for spanish flavours wembley :)

    love the pics!


  7. There is no new address. Spanish Flavours it still at the same location in Wembley. They have been in negotiations to move to a location on Oxford St, Mt Hawthorn for a long time, but at this stage, have not gone anywhere.

    Address is still:
    Shop 17/ 350 Cambridge St
    (08) 9284 1313

  8. Hi
    Does anyone know,where in Perth or online that I could buy at least a 55cm Garcima Polished Steel paella pan,please ?

  9. If anyone knows where SPANISH FLAVOURS is located now PLEASE LET ME KNOW. They are no longer in Oxford St. Ta.

    1. Hi Leonardo, they’ve closed the restaurant and moved the deli to Malaga Markets. Check out their website

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