London Sun Showers

Rain loves sun

Just photos this time, walking from Borough Markets over the Millennium Bridge to St Pauls Cathedral, then back through the city to the excellent Milk Bar cafe in Soho, before getting caught in the only rain I saw in London on my entire trip (!!). Then back home to Oval, South London.

Emerging from the depths Oval, South London

13 thoughts on “London Sun Showers”

  1. Cheers Naomi, looks like I’m going to have to make a permanent page about my photography…

    It’s a Canon 350D at the moment, with a sigma 30mm lens.

  2. Slight exaggeration on the 20 inch Tenina :) Plus we all know it’s not the size, but how you use it that matters :) Thanks for stopping by and great to meet you on the weekend :)

  3. I may have seen you around.. I frequent the Merchant on Beaufort Street a lot, along with a young man by the name of Mr Paul Bui, with whom I believe you are acquainted.

    And I definitely did pass through Fairlie! I think I may have spent the night there in a little motel on the outskirts of town.

  4. Hi Matt! I was able to arrive here after some creative clicking on other blogs. I just wanted to say your shots are fantastic, and keep up the great work. Even though I’ve only ever spent 3 days in London, I miss it so.

  5. Hello you :)

    Great photos – made me wish I had stayed in London instead of just passing through years ago.

    Hmm flat white.

  6. Cheers Fiftylux, hope Fairlie treated you kindly :)

    Naomi: No worries :) I’m constantly wanting to get more gear, and more lenses, so those details will hopefully change soon :)

    Manggy: Glad to have you here, creative clicking is always fun. Sounds like you had quite the love affair in London… I’m sure she misses you too ;)

    Jean: hello to you too :) I think London will still be there when you decide to go back :)

    Mr Worst: Cheers mate. I was born in Timaru and lived in fair Fairlie for much of my youth. What takes you there ?

  7. This has been a journey from Bubble and Squeek and what to do with organic Blue Heritage potatoes to finding your site and beautiful photos and getting excited about Slow Food in Perth.
    Now here’s the slight diversion from work- which is the creation of a filmed oral history archive of Olympians and Paralympians living in Suffolk, England. During the interviews we have been talking about food and sometimes the lack of it when these amazing people have been in training. One man, now 90 yrs old was shipped off from Suffolk to Ireland to be fattened up with steak (unavailble here as rationing was still happening)for the 1948 Olympics.
    Can we get a global perspective on this? Any other food related Olympic stories out there?

  8. dude looks a little fierce to be serving kiddies super soft ice, dontcha think? =)

    yes lovely photos especially the one of the sun shower

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