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  • My article about Honduran coffee grower/importer/roaster Gerardo Barrios has made it’s way into this months edition of Spice Magazine, a most excellent (in my totally non-biased opinion) local food, wine, produce, anything you can think of that related to tastiness magazine.
  • Epic Espresso has a new website, which I may or may not have had a hand in creating, and the quadruple ristretto flat whites are totally kicking it at the moment.
  • Slow Food Perth has a new website (which I also may have helped put together), with updated content, rss feeds, and a bunch of other whiz bang fanciness. Slow Food Perth are doing great things in the local community to help promote producers, suppliers, and creators of quality food, and also to help educate people on where exactly our food comes from, and some of the more pertinent social issues surrounding it. I’d encourage anyone who loves food to check out their own local group, if only to score great lunches :)

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  1. Hey Matt! Such a plethora of blogs in recent days… What a treat! Have been home all day suffering from the flu(luckily a fairly rare occurrence for me)and, despite feeling like I’ve been run over by a truck, have been devouring the new Spice mag I picked up in the weekend! Nice article+++!!! When are they going to include some of your sublime photography? ;-) And, I must agree… a superb mag with great quality local information. My pain and suffering today has only been intensified by the much aggrieved absence of my coffee machine!!! Yours truly left the steam on while I went out and blew the thermostat…. Much wailing and beating of fists!
    Am happily enjoying Fiori on a regular basis now that I have found a local supplier! Very sadly, getting to Epic is a rare treat for this Hills-Dweller but am delighted see that 5 Senses are selling their blend… excellent! Ciao

  2. The website for slow food looks brilliant! Quite a change from the static version before. Thanks for all your expertise in putting this together. We couldn’a done it without ya. Cheers.

  3. Saw the article in Spice. Well done! A particularly good edition of Spice too, I thought. I seem to recall they’ve included Matt’s photography before, Lorraine.

    Our news is that we just became the proud owners of an ECM Giotto. As a fellow coffee snob, I’m sure you’ll understand our excitement!

  4. Thanks for the correction to my fevered ramblings Bec! You lucky devils…an ECM Giotto!!! Am deadly jealous.

  5. Hi Lorraine… I feel your pain… I too have managed to leave the steam on and run into problems. Although in my case I realised that my machine had just tripped the overheat circuit on the boiler. So a quick tinker inside meant it was possible to just switch it back on, and away we go again :) Glad you’re enjoying the Fiori… Kamran the roaster has a bunch of great Indian coffee in at the moment which will blow you away. If you get a chance I’d definitely get in touch and try some.

    Alex, my pleasure mate… The more I learn about Slow Food the more I like it, and with such a nice bunch of people it’s hard not to feel part of it all. Looking forward to many more great things to come out of it.

    Hey Bec, thanks muchly :) My photos have appeared briefly in Spice before, in the guise of coffee advertising… but I think I need a bit more practice before they’re front page worthy… Very jealous too about the ECM… Friends of mine in Sydney had one, along with a Mazzer Mini, and I was in geek heaven pulling shots on it… Congratulations on the new bub as well… I love that the post about the birth manages to include coffee in it :)

  6. I’m heading down tomorrow to ‘chat’ with Kam about Mysore Nuggets (sorry, just had to use that line)

    and the selection 9 he got a hold of. In the meantime, that was a great article in spice – well done.

    Look forward to hearing more about Slow food and good to see you have been busy doing web sites for all the places I have most wanted a web site for.

  7. Grendel, the Mysore Nuggets are fantastic… They’ll be even better tomorrow because they were a little fresh when I tried them… but my God… the syrupy pours coming out were unreal.

    Glad to be of service in the website department, if you know anyone else that should have website but doesn’t, feel free to let me know :)

  8. Hey Matt! Back to work today after 2 days off! The bright light amidst my rather dismal week is that a)My baby is back home, fully serviced and working like a dream (thermostat had just been tripped as you suspected)! and b)Got straight on to Kamran (who was, with psychic-like premonition, expecting my phone call) and will have some selection 9 and the Indian on it’s way to me as soon as he does a new roast early next week!
    Finally had time to check out the slow food movement website today… looks great! Am hoping i can still get into the sourdough workshop tomorrow! :-)

  9. Thanks re baby. Yeah – it was pretty funny that Matt managed to include his latte art in a post about his firstborn son!

    As for the Giotto – we’re getting fantastic shots from it. Geek heaven is right! Funny that you mention the Mazzer grinder though…suddenly our perfectly acceptable Sunbeam grinder doesn’t seem quite as good now! Darn that uprade fever!

  10. Hi Lorraine, that Kamran senses a lot of things… well at least when it comes to coffee… glad you got in and ordered some. I made one of my best shots in ages yesterday with the Mysore Nuggets… fantastic coffee.

    Grendel, yet to get solidly into the selection 9, but there’s much drinking to be done this week. Thanks for the good words too :)

    Bec, it was perfectly fitting for a couple of coffee geeks, plus the baby is lovely, so it’d be hard to detract from that with a cup of coffee :) I know what you mean about upgrade fever… the Mazzer is very nice… sadly photography has now absorbed all of my previously set aside espresso funds… I’m cursed by expensive hobbies.

  11. Matt! Trundled off to the Slow Food sourdough seminar on Saturday… worth it just for the to-die-for sourdough rye with sourcherries, pistachios and dark chocolate!!!! Whom should I meet but Kamran and Louise! Ahhh… I feel the universe guiding me towards good food and coffee! Had a great chat and was greatly inspired by their passion and enthusiasm.
    I can also empathise about expensive hobbies and unrequited longings for upgrades. I have just spent an exorbitant amount of $$$ on a beautiful Italian machine… in this case a Bianchi road bike (triathlon dreams)! So, like you, all that’s left of my would be espresso funds now is a thin layer of crema at the bottom of my cup! :-(
    Grendel, thanks for the thumbs up on the Selection 9!

  12. Well, having read that the problems we’re having with our grinder are not unusual, we started investigating other grinders…ebay etc, looking to get a second-hand commercial grinder. And guess what?! We just managed to get a Mazzer Super Jolly for $350!! How? Still not quite sure…think I’m in shock!! Just got it home and we’re about to have our first play with it!

    The truly sad part is that in only a few days, we have to part with both the Giotto and the Super Jolly so they can be shipped off to Nottingham, where we will be reunited with them in a few months!

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