Your favourite dish

Yes dear readers, it’s time for me to open the floor once again to get some feedback from within your wise and scholarly minds and well fed bellies. I need suggestions for a great dish to make for a very specific purpose.

It needs to be served cold, it needs to be able to be transported easily, and it needs to be delicious.

Think simple, think seasonal Australian summer produce, think combinations of flavours and textures. It can be sweet or savoury, a light salad, a dessert, seafood, meat, pastry, anything.

It doesn’t need to contain any special, fancy, or expensive ingredients but the end result must be something you can take one bite or fork or spoonful of, and be a little bit wowed. It doesn’t need to have a recipe, I just want ideas of things you love eating that you think are a little bit special.

You might be able to guess what this is all about, but for now allow me a little mystery.

All suggestions welcome. And if you can say why you like the dish so much that would be great too.

Come on down :)