Getting there

I am getting closer to having this be something i will use regularly. Setting up my theme and plugins now so that i have everything the way i like, including gallery plugins for showing photos nicely, and various other little bits and pieces.

My perfectionist streak is coming out in a somewhat disturbing way, which means i may not get anywhere for a while yet, until i’m really happy with how it’s all looking.

Time will tell.

Just testing

Putting this site up for me to play with, and to finally have a “home” on the web. I’m not what this site will be used for, but i’m thinking about turning it into a kind of food & wine review site. With links and reviews of restuarants and recipes that people have come up with etc.

Of course this all depends on whether i can be bothered putting in the effort to make it all worthwhile. I guess i have taken the big step of finally registering a domain name… So i guess we’ll see what happens.

Bye for now.