Masterchef “Sizzle” Reel

*** Update ***
The videos have now been removed due to a copyright claim by Channel 10 Australia. They were originally uploaded by youtube user micx0r, who also appears to exist on twitter, myspace, and various other sites as a digital media and viral marketer…

Premature release perhaps ? Or all perfectly intended…

Well the cogs of marketing are slowly turning and Masterchef Australia is lurching it’s way towards opening.
As yet an official start date hasn’t been released but it’s thought to be in May now, after the end of the Biggest Loser.

I’ve been getting more comments and bits and pieces from people over the last few weeks. More stories from the auditions in Sydney of romances between sausage girls and fish boys, of chopping onions and cutting fingers, of tasting bolognaise sauces, and “Amazing Race” style dashes to the Sydney Fish Market for some high energy challenges.

There’s also been plenty of down sides for the people who didn’t make it through, and I assume those that did too. You’d think a TV show about finding Australia’s next big thing in cooking would at least be able to cater properly… But by all accounts the food was so dire, it did nothing to compensate for the indignity of having mobile phones confiscated and escorts to and from the toilets.

So then thanks to another tip off we see the first clips of Masterchef action released onto youtube. Big points to anyone who spots them self and leaves me a comment. I see one little food blogger in there (if only briefly), and a couple of my crew from the Perth auditions.

It does all look fairly contrived, but I guess we all knew that was going to happen.

6 thoughts on “Masterchef “Sizzle” Reel”

  1. In the Perth audition, Alan’s very fresh homemade Greek domades (rice in vine leaves) were a real winner, and Ann put on a fantastic chai creme brulee, in a GLASS parfait. Perhaps they care to share their recipes after the show? Hannah the very good Samaritan is also in the clip :).

  2. Well, that didn’t last long… Videos now gone due to a copyright claim by Network 10… the plot thickens… I guess Ten aren’t quite ready to let Masterchef sizzle.

  3. Hello Big Cupoda ;-) I still think Cupoda should be grill not steam! Would anyone mind sharing their Cupoda recipes?

    Perhaps the clips were sent to ad agencies and media and leaked out. Then… what do I know!

  4. Hello guys.

    Michael from TEN here. I just stumbled across this blog post! I’m famous! ;-)

    I guess the links to my twitter from this page explains why I had so many foodie type people start following me!

    Anyway, I did indeed post a few sizzle reels of masterchef onto youtube, but only to make it easy to share howthe show looked /sounded as part of the advertising sales process.

    I went away on Holiday for the entire month of March, and when I returned I found that my employers had removed it from youtube.

    Hope that clears things up. Love the blog by the way.

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