Chinese New Year 2008

Lions doin lines

A belated happy Chinese New Year to everyone ! We spent a good couple of weeks eating and drinking our way through relatives, and friends places (not necessarily because of CNY mind you… but it seemed appropriate to mention it anyway), and tossing a few lucky noodles. I am also happy to announce my biggest ever haul from generous quasi relatives via the wonderful “ang pow”. If I’d known the benefits I would have become Chinese a long time ago :)

The only mildly official event we went to was the traditional lion dance ceremony, held in Chinatown’s the world over. The photos below were taken at Hawkers Cuisine Restaurant in Northbridge, where we had our ear drums ruptured by fire crackers and watched a performance by a local kung fu school, whilst partaking in a very decent Shaoxing Drunken Chicken, Salt and Pepper Squid, Red Hot (!) Sichuan Beef, and Red Braised Pork Belly.

Bring on the Rat ! (and try the red pork belly)

Hawkers Cuisine
66 Roe St Northbridge
Phone: (08) 9328 9668


8 thoughts on “Chinese New Year 2008”

  1. Well if you want to keep scoring generous ang pows the trick is to stay single. As soon as you get married, it’s you who has to give! :)

  2. Hey Constance… I think i might need to start saving up then :) That trick
    is getting harder to get away with…

    Grendel, as long as the rat didn’t form any part of the dishes at your celebrations… then i’m sure it was all good. I think we tend to miss out on
    the craziness that can be had at CNY due to a far too wowsery approach to random and spontaneous fireworks action. Surely it’s worth a few less fingers… :)

  3. “We spent a good couple of weeks eating and drinking our way through relatives, and friends places”

    The placement of the comma in that sentence makes it sound as it you were eating and drinking your relations.

  4. Well we did just watch Sweeny Todd recently… so maybe I had cannibalism on the brain… Or else I’m just a lazy typist, and prone, to extra, unnecessary, commas :)

  5. Shaun, you may have a point there. I had in my mind that we were going to Singapore Chinese because I’d seen that one on the list of places the kung fu school were performing. But we may have wandered into a different one… all these Chinese restaurants look the same to me ;)

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