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I am officially the king of the lazy posts. I keep on meaning to write more, but I always end up writing less. So please consider this offering as a token of my appreciation that people continue to come to my site in search of content, most often to find nothing.

It was recently made aware of a new establishment in Leederville called Sayers Food, by the ever thoughtful Jen of the W.A Barista Academy. Sayers Food has been open for about 4 weeks now, and is located next to Cinnamon Club in Carr Place, Leederville, in the premises that used to be occupied by the most excellent Eminem Modern Turkish (before they got too cool for Leederville and moved to Nedlands).

The fit out of the shop maintains the cool vibe hat Eminem created during it’s brief tenure in Leederville, with a relaxed yet classy atmosphere created with a bench along one side filled with cushions, dark wood grains on the tables, and beautiful textures running through the tableware and wallpapers. But really, who cares about layout (aside from interior decorators), it’s all about the food isn’t it ??

So I strolled in on a lazy afternoon when everyone thought I was somewhere else. I was due to have a meeting in Subiaco later on in the afternoon, and so I justified my brief sojourn into Leederville as a mere pit stop on the path to productivity that is my working life, plus it was already well past midday and I hadn’t had lunch… it was basically a matter of survival… yeh, lets go with that.

Smoked Salmon BrouilladeFlat white

Without much of a chance to look at a menu I opted for whatever looks tasty in the display window. This time round that was a smoked salmon brouillade, which was slightly confusing because I was under the impression that a brouillade was some form of scrambled something or other. So it possibly should have been called a smoked salmon and spinach brouillade being as there was a creamy spinach type mixture wrapped around the salmon. Actually, maybe it was called that… I have a habit of misreading menus and ending up confusing myself with over analysis. The dish itself was great, fresh and light but still filling, with great textures coming through the salmon, spinach, and cream cheese (I think) filling. A lovely little salad of wilted cucumber strands in a light vinaigrette accompanied my “brouillade” just nicely.

The coffee they are using at Sayers Food is 5 Senses, and they’re using a La Marzocco Linea. I asked how they made their coffees and they explained that the shots were pulled quite short. Happy that I wasn’t going to be getting half a cup full of bitter espresso, I ordered a flat white which was great… lovely flavours coming through what is clearly a nice blend, however probably a bit too foamy for my liking. Still, vastly superior to what they are serving in Oxford 130 around the corner as far as I am concerned.

Problem is though, it’s not just me who’s concerned, it’s everyone. Oxford 130 seems to have a strangle hold on the coffee loving community of Perth. It is a much loved hangout and beacon to the trendy masses that flock to Leederville for their fill of trucker caps, aviator glasses, and quirky original t-shirts. So whilst the coffee at Sayers is pretty good, it won’t be knocking 130’s off as the cafe of choice anytime soon. It doesn’t have that same shabby vibe that 130s does… its trendy, but a little too trendy for those types who don’t feel comfortable sitting on anything other than a milk crate, drinking long mac’s and discussing how to make the world a better place.

Still, that’s besides the point. Sayers Food is it’s own cafe. According to the guys at Five Senses, Mark Sayer (owner and namesake of Sayer Food, along with his wife Steph), has 25 years experience as a chef, and prides himself on creating great food with local fresh produce. This really shines through as the food I had was fresh and fantastic, and there is always room in this city for someone with a passion for their food, and a commitment to quality.

Hopefully Sayers Food continues to bring people in and raise the bar for quality food and coffee in Leederville.

Sayers Food
Shop 1/ 224 Carr Place, Leederville
p: 9227 0429


11 thoughts on “Sayers Food”

  1. Is Oxford 130 the one with the crates out front? Seldom make a trip that way even though we live nearby-ish.

    Quite like Beaufort Street Merchants for their coffee (& their chocolate mud cake), I think they use 5-senses too.

  2. Hi Barbara, lucky you to be catching that infamous Spiceman… Next time you drop round I’ll have to show you some of my fav spots.

    Hey Jean, yep 130’s are the milk crate fanatics, quite popular for a while now, just a shame about the coffee. I’ve only been to Beaufort Street Merchants a couple of times, and that was to buy wine or cheese I think… but you’re right, they are using 5 Senses, and look to be doing ok. Will have to go back for a coffee some time.

  3. Has 130 got off its arse and fixed that rusty ceiling yet? Always found the staff a bit cup hungry for a splash in the bottom lingerer like meself.

    Sayers is the buzz, had the dorper lamb/wagyu beef guy sing their praises.

  4. That would be a negative on the roof, it’s rusty as ever, and if you’re lucky you might get a piece of it in your latte next time.

    I dropped by Sayers again today for a coffee which was not too shabby, and saw the wagyu beef cheek salad of some sort on the menu… must make my way back to try that one…they definitely sound like they’re on the right track.

  5. Yes it does Kevin at TasteTv…yes it does…

    Neil, I have no idea what that means… less furniture is more trendy ? Less cleaning is more grungy ? I might have to ponder that one for a while…

  6. Have been introduced to “Sayers” but my hip and funky leederville residing son. I have visited 3 times now and the coffee is fantastic….the food even better and the unpretentiousness (did I just invent a new word?) of the staff and owners even better still. Sayers has a friendly can do attitude and even friendlier staff…good luck with BOTH your new babies guys!

  7. Hi Matt
    Yeah I’ve got to agree! 130 is more about image than coffee these days. I popped in last week and even though I kinda enjoy the funky and eclectic atmosphere, I was less than excited about my very average and very foamy flat white!
    You seem to have an unashamed love affair with “5 Senses”!!! I have found better (well, in my own over-inflated opinion anyway)… “Biobean Coffee” ( a boutique roaster (based in Helena Valley) has the best locally roasted beans in Perth… and are certified organic and fair trade to boot! The “Feminino” can’t be beaten as far as I’m concerned!! Gotta try it!

  8. Matt,

    A little late and slow (as usual) but I finally got to have breakfast at Sayers.
    It was superb, especially the Wagyu rashers (like bacon but with more fat. . .)

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