Porterhouse Steak with Jerusalem Artichoke Mash

Porterhouse Steak on Jerusalem Artichoke Mash

This one was inspired by another recent trip to Herdsman Fresh, a great place for fresh fruit and veges, and with it’s own built in butchers, baker, and fishmonger, you can always find inspiration for a tasty meal. So after spending a bit of time and a lot more money than I should have… I arrived back home with some deliciously marbled porterhouse steaks (too ugly to put in the window apparently, but perfect for eating), a bag of jerusalem artichokes (which are neither Jewish, nor artichokes, more like yams really)

The rest was simple. A delightful Jerusalem Artichoke mash (I was going to roast them ala Jules, but I was clean out of duck fat… and being a purist, I didn’t want to sully the recipe with my cheap imitation duck fat). Served with a simple salt and pepper seasoned porterhouse steak cooked with a little (lot of) butter. To finish, some super snap peas that have been hanging around my fridge waiting for a stir fry that never eventuated, and my now almost boring because I make it so often red wine jus.

The only thing that I’m really going to be bothered going into is the jerusalem artichoke mash… to cook the artichokes, I simply sliced them really thinly and threw them into a saute pan with a little olive oil and some butter, and cooked away on a medium heat until they were nice and soft. Then into a bowl with a few dollops of double cream, and some salt and pepper, and mash away to your hearts content. If you want really smooth mash, feel free to pass it through a seive a couple of times, or else learn to live with a bit of chunk.

The steaks were cooked to a lovely medium rare, and the jus made by adding red wine, a sliced shallot, a clove of garlic, and some beef stock to the pan juices, before reducing down to a savoury concoction that just coated the back of a spoon.

The sugar snap peas were blanched quickly to keep the lovely texture and crunch, and then it was all arrange rather sloppily onto a plate. Served with a 2004 West Cape Howe Shiraz.


5 thoughts on “Porterhouse Steak with Jerusalem Artichoke Mash”

  1. I just start from the top and work my way down :) To be honest, my dishes stay like this for about 3 minutes while being photographed, before falling into a messy but tasty heap.

  2. mmmm. I would love to know what jerusalem choke mas was like. I’ve only ever seen the stuff lister as an ingredient on a green wheat-grassy hippy smoothy drink i sometimes buy.

    lovely shot.

  3. I saw some Jerusalem artichokes at Harris Farm for $6.99 a kg, how much is it in Perth?

    I have this thing against putting steaks on mash because its really hard to eat and taints my mash. It does look good presentation wise though, so I just gently shuffle my steak off to the side and make a mash moutain. I am uncouth.

  4. They did taste very nice though Sid, and are much more worthy of appreciation than being eviscerated into liquid hippy juice.

    Sue, I have a feeling they were around $7 or $8 a kilo… I forget… I get all giddy with excitement when I find interesting vegetables in the supermarket, so I don’t always look at the price.

    My presentation skills start and stop with me stacking things on top of one another… So until someone tells me how to do it nicely otherwise… I’ll continue to make my own little culinary towers of babel. For some reason I knew you were a steak shuffler… tsk.

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