Lie down

Dear faithful readers… It would seem I’ve become a bit distracted of late… and whilst I have a bunch of posts waiting in the wings for their run in the sun, the motivation to finish them is rapidly diminishing in the face of the overwhelming distraction provided by my latest toy.

C'est Moi !

So feel free to check out my recent photos on Flickr, which I seem to find easier to regularly update, and where you can leave equally witty comments that I will appreciate just as much, until I finally get my act together and write some real posts up.

Smooches all round.

Flickr Importr

This is mainly for the food bloggers out there that use Flickr on a regular basis to upload and manage their photos.

I’ve been using it quite heavily for almost a year now, and really like flickr as a way to manage all my photos, and also get to know a whole other world of people coming across my food.

At the moment I’m using a couple of plugins on this website that let me import and display my photos. Namely Tan Tan’s Flickr Post Bar, and FAlbum.

These are really nice plugins that use some of the flexibility that the flickr API has built into it.

One thing that has disappointed me for a while though, is how lame the actual flickr uploadr program is. They’ve spent all this time on the website and API, but completely neglected (to my mind) the program that helps you get your photos online in the first place.

So here’s a little program I’ve come across that goes some way towards addressing the lack of features in the uploader. It’s called Flickr Importr. It lets you tag, name, give descriptions to, assign groups etc, all before you’ve uploaded your photos. You then just hit upload and it goes off and assigns all those things in one hit.

The program is unfortunately no longer being supported, so this is the last release of it, but the functionality is all there, and will be incorporated into the projects new application “m:Base”, which promises to be a more fully featured, independant application for managing a database of media objects.

You will need to log in to the website to download the file, but if you can’t be bother signing up, then feel free to use one I found.
user: momo
pass: lalala

Anyway, give it a try and see what you think.